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Miss My Brother Already

Why do I cry
Before he's even gone?
He's just signed up.
He always wanted to
Serve our country.
He always wanted to
Be in uniform.
With his gun in hand,
He'll protect our great land.

Why does it hurt
To remember growing up?
From sleeping on bunkbeds,
And our crazy pillow fights.
Swimming at the park
With mommy and daddy.
Watching him go on the bus
His first day of school.

That hill outside,
Used to be so big to us.
We'd ride our bikes,
And pop some willies.
He taught me these tricks.
Flips and cartwills,
And ...

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Free and willing,
Wind in her peddles,
Rising and falling.
The rose is calling,
'Come to me,
Smell my scent.'
See the birds,
Like Heaven sent,
They go to the well.
The rose,
She calls,
'My necter is filling,
My color is toneing,
My spirit is strong.
Please come
And hear my song.