Melinda Engelbrecht

Rookie (5 October 1987 / South Africa)

Biography of Melinda Engelbrecht

An addict of the written word - whether it is poetry, literature or lyrics, any form in which i can share my thoughts and ideas on the world and all its beautiful and not so beautiful things.

I love to share my poems with others and to read and appreciate the work of others with an open mind and soul.

Currently I suffer from writer’s block, but I'm eager to rediscover the joy and passion that comes from putting pen to paper and creating something wonderful, shocking or thought provoking.

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Melinda Engelbrecht's Works:

None yet - but two of my poems were published once apon a time Updates

Break Away

windmill life
with worms cascading
stones of fear into soul's pond.
time to rest and time to play becomes
time to kill and steal and deal for the next day.
evergreen envy becomes evergreen grey in yesterday's today.
destructive deceit dilutes the deepest thoughts of truth we think
until defiantly brainwashed, we stand at the edge of a tormenting lie
painted by glorified golden dreams and bittersweet deception

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