Melisa Peter

Rookie - 225 Points [Melisa Peter] (1992/May20 / Cape Town)

Biography of Melisa Peter

I, Melisa Peter, am a 23 year-old poetess residing in Philippi East, in Cape Town. I currently am registered student of The waterfront Theater School, pursuing a degree in Musical, Drama and Dance Theater. I started writing and performing poetry when was in primary levels of education, presumably at the age of 11 in 2003. I grew fonder of this when used to be appointed to go out and represent the school during functions and occasions. People’s awe-inspiring commentaries and assenting responses are ones that fortified and permitted me to begin to nurture this skill. My writing is about everything, no precise approach nor thesis. When inspiration strikes, matters not if it’s in the middle of the night, I will wake up, get a pen and pour my heart out on the paper, until the pen dries out. I don’t love but I live poetry. I would to be witnessed as a well-recognized and respected writer with an immense quantity of applauded work one day.

I am a second year student of The waterfront Theater School

I study at waterfront theatre svhool

Melisa Peter's Works:

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Intliziyo yam ibuhlungu,
Bendiba uyakuphila ubom obungunaphakade,
Ndikhumbula mhla ndigqibelisa ukubona,
Ndifika usitya inyama,
Ndaguqa, ndakhongozela, wandisikela,
Ndangcamla, ndazimunca iintupha,
Waze wandithobisa ngoncumo,

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