Melissa Broomhead

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Biography of Melissa Broomhead

I just love to write poems when im down or have no one to talk to. My favorite poet is Edgar Allen Poe. My favorites of his are: a dream within a dream, The raven, annabelle lee, and some of his others. Oh and one more thing i love encouraging other poets to follow thier dreams, by sending comments and messages. Updates

The World, Unfair

When yuor day is going wrong they tell u to keep your head up;
They dont know how sad u are they dont know your gonna erupt;
Your feelin really down cause your friends are in trouble;
Your friends have to leave u, your turning into rubble;
When your hating life and everyday;
nothings ever good nothing goes your way;
U try to escape your pathetic existance u try to escape this place;
Everyone telling u not to cry. is there ever a quiet space;
Life is very broken your world is so u

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