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My mom and dad split when I was 3. They were never married. My dad was sent to prison for dealing drugs. My mom and I really didn't have the bond we should have. She would take me to my grandparents while she went to the bar. She would never come back and get me, the only time I would go home was when my grandparents brought me there. My dad finally got out of prison when I was 7. I had 4 years of people making fun of me because of my dad. I was a really pretty young girl, my uncle used to say. But yet no one seemed to like me. As I got a little older people began to accept me. I had a really good friend who was really popular * i was 10* I thought that it was going to be my goal to be fake and have everyone like me, I acted like nothing was wrong with me but there was. When I got into 7th grade I began using drugs. I did Marajawa and cocaine. I was sent away 3 times because of it. When I was in 8th grade everything changed I went back to being everything else but me. I was snotty and stuck up
Then my best friend moved to alaska
I got back into drugs and started to drink daily.
My life has been going in the wrong directiong ever sence. I have been sent a way again 2 more times... and now am attending drug treatment and anger classes.
I also see a tharapist every week. I am now learning to express my feelings threw my writing. It helps releave pressure and it helps me have a better understanding of myself.

By now if you have read my life story you probly think i am crazy... but thats just the point....

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I'Ll Be Missing You

I cant wait till that day
The day in heaven when I see your face, I'll say,
' In the future when I see you open the gate
I cant wait to tell you all the feelings you take
I kept thinging of the day when you went away
You helped me over come the things people say
The feelings over took my body and soul
I just kept telling myself we will someday be a whole
Every step I take

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