Melissa Franks

Rookie (09-16-1990 / Shreveport)

Biography of Melissa Franks

Melissa Franks poet

I am 19 years old and have written poetry for five years. I love life and like to write what is on my mind. I am a lesbian who has learned a lot of lessons from people in my life. Through anger and tears it has inspired me to be a better person and work with my words. I am a simple person who enjoys acoustic songs and lyrics.

Melissa Franks's Works:

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(cut Too Late)

She awakens from her dreams to be let down,
As her world suddenly fills the earth with a frown,
Her name was sunshine in which she filled others hearts,
Now to happiness she never knew a part,
She grabs her chest as her heart breaks,
Not sure how much more she can take,
Her eyes fill slowly with millions of tears
As she realizes she must live in her fear,
As the lonliness sets in with the cold lost feeling,

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