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From a young age, poetry has been my art. It has been a way for me to paint out my mind with the words and the imagery I feel in my soul. Everything I write comes from my heart, and I mean it with every bit of my being. I hope others can view my work and feel the passion I lay out in my poems. In the future, I await to inscribe a collection of poetry to publish for just my entertainment, and maybe for anyone else willing to give it a chance. Thank you for visiting my page and enjoy! Updates

The Vase

Roses don’t excite me anymore;
I’ve seen each shade evermore.
The pattern of life and love dangles around me each day.
The sultry warmth of light fades to grey.

Burdened to a cool underground layer
and then plucked by a cotton-handed slayer.
My defenders are shunned.
My body is hacked short and is stunned.