Melissa L Tamayo

Veteran Poet - 1,846 Points [Melly] (Bronx, NY)

Biography of Melissa L Tamayo

This fast paced life we live just keeps the human mind clouded. It’s as if we are lost souls searching for our purpose in life. Searching for reasons as to why, where, how and when? I’ve come to the conclusion, only way to find myself, is to lose myself. A little metaphor I came up with. Meaning; sometimes what makes us strong, are the hurdles and obstacles we overcome throughout our lives.

Which can sadly at times leave us viewing the world as a dark, cold place. On the outside seeming situated to everyone around us; but lost inside, confused and fighting to hide it. Building hate, sadness, anger deep down; and all for what? The journey of finding where we truly belong.

At times I find it hard to let out my feelings, so I write down my thoughts. Small simple poems that express how I feel at the time. It typically became a stress reliever for me. Writing is a form of meditation for me. I clear my mind from everything that surrounds me, focused on my inner self.

My poems express who I truly am, how I think, I’m very complex. Some might relate to my poems and some might be confused by them. My train of thought is quite different from others, but it’s what makes my work shine. I’m different in mind, but the same as any other poet, I use words to express what I feel. As well as how I view the world, standing from the outside.

I’m thirty years old, and as I get older I wonder more as to who I really am, what my purpose is in life. That’s why my poems are important to me, when I write I search inside myself. As you read further I hope to get your understandings. Enjoy what you read, because what you read is part of me.

Melissa L Tamayo's Works:

Words Of Sorrow (A Book Of Poems) Published on 8/17/2015 Updates


Although she smiles without a care in the world
Leaving a glow wherever she goes
Behind that stare of hers, screams loneliness
Once clueless as well as careless
Meaningful soul searching,
Consisted of sleeping with any man,
Who would understand
Just knowing the one thing she can control
Made her feel powerful

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