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Hello. My name is Melissa Medrano. I am 22 years old. I am from a small town called Colville about an hour from Spokane. I have experienced with drugs and alcohol for years. I wrote my first poem when I was incarcerated in county jail, and learned quickly that writing down my life struggles on paper helps relieve my pain. It makes coping easier even if it sometimes contains humor. I like to make people laugh. I write when i'm angry, happy, sad, confused, and when I believe I have been magically cured from this disgusting disease, drug addiction. So here is a collection of my ups and downs in my life. Updates

Was This Even Neccesary?

I want to form a foundation of friendship that was never really built
And replace happiness and fun with all the shame and guilt
We jumped right into a relationship and I am fully to blame
I ask myself constantly, would it have been the same?
If I wouldn't have pushed you to get involved with me right away
If I wouldn't have tried rushing greatness, would it have been okay?
Why can't we forget about our mistakes and what happened in the past
And just be friends from now, I promise it wi

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