Melissa Ramey

Rookie (3-26-1996 / Atlanta Georgia)

Biography of Melissa Ramey

Birth name: Melissa Ramey
Im 13.
I am a young poet.
I love to write poetry.
I love to make them rhyme O.o
I write stories too.
I dont really get my inspiration from any certian person.
Im agenst plagerism.
I think being a writer is a good way to express your feelings in a twisted way.
Im also In band.
I love my life.
If you dont like some of the work i do....then dont read it.
Thanks, Melissa

P.S not all the stuff i write is true. Updates

Scared To Death

I feel my heart beat as I lie there and breath every breath in.I feel as if im scared to death and nothing there to support me as i fall.I dream dreams that could not have an explination to them.I wake up breathing as hard as before as my feet touch the floor, I am scared to death.I love my life but there comes a time when you just have to admit ev

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