Melissa Stevens

Freshman - 815 Points (3/10/98)

Biography of Melissa Stevens

Hello writers,
I'm Melissa and I love to write a lot whether writing for school, poems and stories.All my teachers are amazed that I take it very seriously when it comes to my work. I write poems about my dreams, events of my life, bringing awareness and other things. The reason I got to writing poems because it's makes me to feel alive, happy and it's a healthy way to express my emotions. Updates


Pulling me down with you, in a river of zombies that we made enemies with
No doubt about that, is this how we going to end up where we are going to turn one of those
The cold water turns red blood, the broken promises, who are we to say we are any good in our souls
But at first we didn't get along the first time we met but you show me not to give up
I'm the heart while you are my wooden spiky arrow that i got shot by
Your love was too dangerous that I might drown in
Suffering at first but

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