Melissa Stevens

Freshman - 815 Points (3/10/98)

Melissa Stevens Poems

1. Sun And The Moon 4/23/2015
2. Troubling With Love 4/23/2015
3. A 1993 Story 6/24/2015
4. Music Starts Playing 6/24/2015
5. Nothing Safe Anymore 6/25/2015
6. Dark, Gloomy Day 6/25/2015
7. Darkness Hides Us All 6/25/2015
8. Something To Wake Up From 6/25/2015
9. Tired Of Dreaming About This 6/25/2015
10. Stage Acting 6/25/2015
11. Nightmares Never End 6/25/2015
12. Gambling Love 6/26/2015
13. Tree Of Ladders 6/26/2015
14. Until The Sun Goes Down 6/30/2015
15. Caring For A New Pet 6/30/2015
16. What Path Are You Taking? 7/1/2015
17. Lost In Sea 7/1/2015
18. Perdido En Mar 7/1/2015
19. Things Are Repeated 7/6/2015
20. Almost Feels Like Heaven 7/9/2015
21. The Life We Made 7/16/2015
22. I'M Gone Now 7/16/2015
23. Our Connection Together 7/16/2015
24. My Childhood Friend 7/16/2015
25. One Chance 7/24/2015
26. That One Person 7/24/2015
27. Under The Moonlight 7/24/2015
28. Waiting All Night 7/24/2015
29. A New Place 7/24/2015
30. It's Your Day 7/24/2015
31. Blazing Escape 7/24/2015
32. Almost Died 7/25/2015
33. Warning Must Read 7/25/2015
34. Fire Spark Starts To Fade Away 7/25/2015
35. Bumpy Ride 8/10/2015
36. Now We Are Free 4/20/2015
37. Zombies 4/20/2015
38. Facing Fears 4/20/2015

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Best Poem of Melissa Stevens

Facing Fears

I don't want to keep dreaming about this mom, is this some kind of lesson
Get out you need to do this
After I got out, she locked the doors and left
A dark night, walking alone
I have a bad feeling about this, oh what I'm doing here
Can I just wake up
But I can't, no matter how hard I try
A old, fat man is trying to get on top of me
It doesn't make any sense, why she would put me in this kind of situation
But I don't have a much of a choice
Using my strength to take him off me
Putting my fingers in his eyes, pressuring it down
Eyes bleeding down on his ...

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Troubling With Love

I wondering what across that bridge, a chilly shivers up to my skinny spine
The sky is cloudy and foggy, where I am going
Am I lost, I haven't seen any cars passed by here
I'm starting to question about that, the trees look they are dying
I don't know what the street is, signs are hard to tell
Just like the times in day without a clock
I haven't see anyone, since I left town, haven't heard any calls from anyone especially my step father
Who always abusing me, my mother was never at home

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