Melissa Taylor

Biography of Melissa Taylor

Hiya :) my names Melissa, i am very passionate about my poems, short storys as they are mainly based around my own life/experiences and were written at different times in my life, especially when i found it difficult or didnt know how to express my feelings/emotions. I would love them to be in me own book someday, just lack the know how. Updates

*forgive...If Ya Will*

This is me...
Drinking beer to make sure i don't see clear. Will you forgive me Mom.?
Staying indoor's. No i don't have any flaw's. Taking 'shit' drinking even more you bet. Will you forgive me Mom? Forgive me.? Please Forgive me for my Sin's.
My Negative feeling's. Please forgive me. For clearly i did not see. I sure as heck wasn't being me. Will you forgive me Mom.? For all the bad thing's that iv'e done.? Not like your 'good'y two-shoe's' Son.

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