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Rookie (Jan.4,1997 / Little Rock, Arkansas)

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I'm nothing but an emo girl with nothing but pain to express thru my poetry. My life's been pretty hard so far so i don't really want to deal with many things. I usually don't get on the internet unless for school and I'm failing in school anyway so. But, I really like to write books and poetry. That's why i created this account. I fail at writing this. Updates

Full Moon Sways

The full moon sways gently in the water reflection as I try to find time.
We have none, making it impossible for me to love you.
We sit on the sand watching the moon look down on us.
I slowly pull you closer to me.
I look at your hair realizing the light makes your hair shine and your eyes sparkle like emeralds.
The moon dimly lights the sand as I look into your eyes.
I know this is my only chance, because i don't know if I'll ever get a second.
I was a fool for leaving you alone unti

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