Melody Thaila Kuku

Rookie - 0 Points (1995- / Lagos, Nigeria.)

Biography of Melody Thaila Kuku

Melody Thaila Kuku was born on May 15,1995 in Lagos, Nigeria. She hails from Benue State and currently studies English at the University of Lagos(UNILAG) .

She fell in love with poetry at age 12 before she started writing short stories.

Poetry is the only way she knows how to share her feelings, thoughts and emotions with the world. It's indeed beautiful to sit back, close one's eyes and let the muse inspire. Then like an artist, she picks her brush, paint and begin to paint live pictures with words. She loves deep stories, poems that are brewed from the deepest and darkest part of the human mind but mixed with ointments of humanity. She loves poetry of every kind, prose and music. In her spare time she does yoga and gather deep reflections in a diary as a transcendentalist. She love s to have her poems read, rated and given constructive criticism.

Melody Thaila Kuku's Works:

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Its Fun To Be A Child

It is fun to be a chíld,
Then you can run and play with the wind,
And race the breeze.

Then you can swim along with life,
Without a care in the world,
And you can be loved when you want.

Just a little smile and the adults melts,

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