Melody Thaila Kuku

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Melody Thaila Kuku Poems

41. My Mirror 6/13/2013
42. To God, The Potter 8/12/2012
43. Maids Of The Eye 8/25/2012
44. Yet, I Will Rise 8/25/2012
45. Faster Than Her Years 8/25/2012
46. Journey To The Hill Of Skulls 9/24/2012
47. I Wish, I Wish, I Wish I Had A Gun 6/14/2013
48. I Knew Not What To Write 6/15/2013
49. Yinkus 6/19/2013
50. You Tried Too Hard To See 6/19/2013
51. All I Ever Wanted 6/21/2013
52. The Song Of An Aborted Child 6/21/2013
53. A Tale 4/23/2013
54. When Maid Earth Be Green Again 4/23/2013
55. Facebook 4/23/2013
56. Let It Go 1/22/2014
57. Freedom Is Not Yet Freedom 4/23/2013
58. The Dog I Never Had 8/10/2012
59. I'M Stuck, Stuck! 6/13/2013
60. A Fake Heart And A Fake Soul 6/14/2013
61. Through A Child's Eyes 8/10/2012
62. When The Dana Bird Crashed 7/20/2012
63. Tell Me What You Think Of My Love 8/2/2012
64. I Would Stll Wish To Be A Palm Tree 4/4/2012
65. That Golden Móment When The World Stand Still 7/13/2012
66. Boko Haram 5/28/2013
67. Strange Love 9/25/2012
68. Let Me Be Your Piper 9/25/2012
69. A Tribute To Chinua Achebe 5/30/2013
70. If You Will Love Me Again. 3/9/2012
71. But I Will Write Till, She Shines. 3/12/2012
72. Fear Of The Unknown. 3/12/2012

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Best Poem of Melody Thaila Kuku

Fear Of The Unknown.

Like the knight of sleeping beauty,
He slash through my heart.
Tearing down my courage,
Shattering my resolve like a wine Glass.

He has stolen upon me in the Dead of the night,
With the darkness as his shield.
I look and wonder.
What brings my heart to my lips?
What shivers my spines?

I peer and peer, think and think.
Yet, i see not his face.
I try to fight, but my strength fails.
Almost defeated, i am,
For he is the meanest of his kind.

Show me thy face o slayer?
Nay he says, 'for you cannot know me'.
I am the dark that looms...

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Its Fun To Be A Child

It is fun to be a chíld,
Then you can run and play with the wind,
And race the breeze.

Then you can swim along with life,
Without a care in the world,
And you can be loved when you want.

Just a little smile and the adults melts,

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