Melpomene's Tears

Melpomene's Tears Poems

1. Alone 9/27/2012
2. A Mere Word 2/13/2013
3. The Invisible Friend And Enemy 3/21/2013
4. He Who Waits For No Man 9/12/2013
5. Once Every 10 Years 10/10/2012
6. Rain 9/28/2012
7. Secret Garden 10/11/2012
8. Prison 4/18/2013
9. No Lady, No Gentleman 4/19/2013
10. Canterville 9/27/2012
11. Chains 11/13/2012
12. Janus 2/9/2013
13. Death Of A Dream 2/13/2013
14. The Siren 10/8/2012
15. X, X, X 2/13/2013
16. Let Me Go 10/8/2012
17. Friend Of Yours 4/19/2013
18. Cup Of Tea 4/23/2013
19. And I Shall Sleep. 4/1/2013
20. Under A Moonlit Sky 4/19/2013
21. Lady In Blue 9/26/2012
22. O Chocolate, My Chocolate! 10/12/2012
Best Poem of Melpomene's Tears

O Chocolate, My Chocolate!

O chocolate, my chocolate!
thou art truly the food of Gods
with tempting shapes and flavors
thy center a gooey warm paradise of caramel
that maketh my heart melt and brain joyous
filled with endorphins and all things nice

O chocolate, my chocolate!
Thou doeth tease me
blanketing strawberry mousse
and cherry cream
with liquor for added pleasure
surprising my heart when I sink my teeth
in thy glorious chocolateness.

O chocolate, my chocolate!
can there be any other that gives me comfort
as thou?
on a rainy dark night,
no other ...

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Let Me Go

Let me go
Release my hand that held yours
thru sorrow and joy
desist from looking into my broken eyes
for now your gaze
poisons my soul
Sweep out the broken pieces of my love
out of your icy heart
so I can mourn

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