Veteran Poet - 1,139 Points (11/07/1975 / Natonin, Mountain Province, Philippines)


601. I Justr Want To Write 10/15/2009
602. Wedding Dance 3/12/2008
603. Haiku For Drugs Addiction 5/6/2008
604. Happy Birthday Mama 11/25/2008
605. Boto Mo, Ipatrol Mo 8/20/2009
606. Imagine If The World Is Empty 12/5/2008
607. The Journey Of A Thousand Miles, Begins In A First Step 2/18/2009
608. Poets, Agent Of Change 11/13/2007
609. Justice Dlayed, Justiced Denied 2 7/30/2013
610. Ode To Myself 4/27/2008
611. Let Me Be Your Man 11/25/2007
612. No Retreat, No Surrender 1/8/2008
613. I Am What I Am 10/13/2008
614. Crisis In Our Economy 6/26/2008
615. Di Kan To Malipatan (I Will Never Forget You) 3/17/2008
616. What I Am Is God’s Gift, What I Become Is My Gift To God 2/18/2009
617. Baton Lagip Ti Napalabas 7/30/2009
618. No Hope In Dope 1/7/2008
619. New Year's Call 12/26/2007
620. Ikaw Ang Nakikita(You'Re What I Behold) 5/26/2008
621. Build Your Wings And Follow Your Dreams 11/22/2007
622. Origin Of Maducayan 7/30/2013
623. A Lover's Prayer 3/28/2008
624. A Love Song For You 5/8/2008
625. Just Say It 10/14/2008
626. Am I A Fool For Loving Thee? 11/26/2008
627. Maguindanao Massacre 11/24/2009
628. Hopelessly Hoping 3/9/2009
629. Poverty: War Of Today 11/5/2008
630. Terrorist Beware 5/15/2008
631. A 100 Claps 3/25/2008
632. A Child 3/13/2008
633. My Poems May Never Be 10/3/2008
634. Cry If You Must 1/28/2008
635. Graduation 3/18/2009
636. Faith Or Fate? 2/4/2008
637. Welcome To The Cordillera 12/2/2007
638. A Poet's Mission 10/24/2007
639. A Poet's Dream 5/28/2008
640. A Servant's Prayer 6/10/2008

I Am A Filipino

Melvin Banggollay

I am a Filipino, in blood and spirit
born from immortal seeds of heroes
Whose heart were willing to commit
their lives to fight any kind of foes
even those that has the power to spit
the nation of my birth with volcanoes
of fire and balls of cannon that can split
thy land unto tiny dusts to unseen echoes.

I am a Filipino, proud of my humble roots
of a gentle loving and valiant Malayan spirit
land been conquered but never surrendered
the culture of its birth and ancestor's merit
of great love for country...

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Twilight Memories

Tabuk, Kalinga, Philippines

The night was silent with its great slumber
While calmly touching every depth of my body
Making me shiver every toil my hands uncover
As I wrote down the memories of my journey.

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