Veteran Poet - 1,139 Points (11/07/1975 / Natonin, Mountain Province, Philippines)


201. You Changed My Life 3/4/2009
202. Dreaming Of You 3/5/2009
203. Dreaming Of You-2 3/5/2009
204. Memories Of My Father 3/6/2009
205. If Ever I Will Be Born Again 3/2/2009
206. Keep Me In Thy Heart 3/9/2009
207. Indolence 3/18/2009
208. God Help Us Win 3/22/2009
209. My Greatest Fear 4/14/2009
210. Only God Knows Every Why 4/22/2009
211. Love Letters Through The Air 4/24/2009
212. Why We Have To Die 5/7/2009
213. Be On The Move Before Its Over (Bombo) 5/14/2009
214. Ways Of Popularity 5/14/2009
215. Happy Mother's Day Mama 5/14/2009
216. Arak (Wine) 5/15/2009
217. What If - 2 5/20/2009
218. Ringtone Of My Heart 5/21/2009
219. Give Me, I'Ll Give 5/21/2009
220. Sorry, I Can'T Stop Loving You 5/21/2009
221. Endless Love 5/22/2009
222. No Time 5/28/2009
223. You'Re The One 5/28/2009
224. Ayesha's Grace 6/4/2009
225. Sent Me A Miracle 6/5/2009
226. If Love Goes Beyond 6/14/2009
227. Except His Memories In My Heart 6/15/2009
228. Den Of Pain's Lake 6/15/2009
229. A Soldier's Prayer 7/7/2009
230. Squatting In Kalinga 7/13/2009
231. Iti Yoyeng Ni Lagip (In The Waves Of My Memories) 7/20/2009
232. Iti Yoyeng Ni Lagip (In The Waves Of My Memories 7/27/2009
233. Waya-Waya (Freedom 7/27/2009
234. Sagrado A Baluta (Sacred Balot 7/27/2009
235. How To Start Business 7/29/2009
236. Layed Ko Tut-Uwa (My Love Is Very True) 7/30/2009
237. What Is Business 7/30/2009
238. Peace Not Iron Fist 6/16/2009
239. Sa Makata Kung Inibig (To The Poetress I Loved) 6/17/2009
240. Serbisyo Publiko 7/30/2009

I Am A Filipino

Melvin Banggollay

I am a Filipino, in blood and spirit
born from immortal seeds of heroes
Whose heart were willing to commit
their lives to fight any kind of foes
even those that has the power to spit
the nation of my birth with volcanoes
of fire and balls of cannon that can split
thy land unto tiny dusts to unseen echoes.

I am a Filipino, proud of my humble roots
of a gentle loving and valiant Malayan spirit
land been conquered but never surrendered
the culture of its birth and ancestor's merit
of great love for country...

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Twilight Memories

Tabuk, Kalinga, Philippines

The night was silent with its great slumber
While calmly touching every depth of my body
Making me shiver every toil my hands uncover
As I wrote down the memories of my journey.

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