Melvina Germain Poems

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Stepping Out Within

My throat, be it dry to swallow I cringe
untouched, thy thirst in lonesome fear.
Wilt thou bring forth a gluttons binge,
and reign like a Queen in golden-wear.

Sorrowful Life Haiku

Woes of womanhood
stunt the growth of children
beasts must pay the price

Future Haiku

Love has no color
We live in a new world now
Equality reigns

Nature's Bliss Haiku

Soft colored rainbows
arch God's blossoms of beauty
earths royal delight

When Love Comes Softly

When love comes softly and the rainbow cradles the open sea,
I look to the sky and find your face lovingly, looking at me.

When love comes softly and the whisper of the willow trees flow,

Savour The Moment

Ahh the blossoms wake in the morning light,
the faint aroma of roses grace the air.
You are a blessing to my eyes,
I touch you gently with my fingertips.

We Stand With Them (For Our Veterans)

November fumed with poppies here,
remember Veterans everywhere.
Why O why must we wait so long
to give tribute in word and song.

We Never Forget Them

Our family pet wasn't really considered a pet, we thought of
her as a family member. She was a beautiful white poodle full
of love. she was an elegant little lady and she knew it.

Take My Hand

Take my hand and lead me away,
to a place where freedom reigns.
Where the valleys deep with love,
cry out, no more pain, no more pain.

Peaces Is The Word

Perhaps today can be a new beginning of beautiful thoughts you would like to share. Think of those you've never met but would like to touch today. We are what we think, you've heard it said before so why not think peace and think it more and more.

Reach out to the universe, in thought you'll reach a multitude. All you have to do is think, remember energy travels far. With that in mind, you'll touch those traveling by plane, on foot, by car.