Melvina Germain Poems

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Haiku (Protect Our Future)

Protect our future
save a child's mind, body, soul
embracing the love

Hidden Torch

With defenestration in mind,
silence becomes my best friend,
compassion lays not in the belly of my soul.
Lock up the enemy, monsters of society

Haiku (Song Of Silence)

In silence we hear
the tintinnabulation
ring in Heavens bells

In My World

I want to wish you all a beautiful good-night though I'm not ready to sleep. I do hope 'you' have the sweetest dreams. Ni Nite all.....

In My World

Acceptance Rather Than Tolerance

Unsuspecting beings born to the bosom of the universe. From the time we open our eyes, we are dependent on those who are deemed our parents, guardians or care-givers if we are so in need.

For the most part in our early years, we are loved, cuddled, ouu's and awe's, all is well. There comes a time though that a little gray seems to hover in the air and questions come to mind. For some reason at the approximate age of five, something seems to have gone

Haiku (God's Gift)

Richness of the earth
nature, life, love and rebirth
treasures to behold

My Cat Mittens

Soothing to the soul
Mittens rests on Mama's lap
she welcomes his touch

Haiku (Peace)

Become one and all
live in the beauty of peace
be soothed, be happy

Haiku (Respect)

Hold your head up high
respect all things in this world
let happiness reign

Haiku (Child Pornography)

Child pornography
vile, appalling, brutal