Melvina Germain

Gold Star - 25,246 Points [Antoleza] (Sydney, Nova Scotia)

Melvina Germain Poems

121. You Don’t Walk In My Shoes 7/6/2015
122. You Are 7/6/2015
123. Old Friends (This One Is Dedicated To Sarah Meg Marsh) She Inspired This Wee Poem. 7/7/2015
124. Felicia 7/7/2015
125. Taleadina’s Destiny 7/7/2015
126. Inez 7/7/2015
127. Mae Lee Elise 7/25/2015
128. Lost Friendship 7/25/2015
129. This Man 7/25/2015
130. A New Reign 7/25/2015
131. God's Pen 7/26/2015
132. Ice Laden 7/26/2015
133. O Peace 7/26/2015
134. Celtic Love 7/27/2015
135. A Mother's Love Turns To Pain (An Enablers Poem...What Have We Done) 7/27/2015
136. Mama 7/27/2015
137. The Hoopsnake 7/28/2015
138. Carma Will Find You 7/28/2015
139. Reality 7/28/2015
140. Haiku (Marcus Garvey) 7/29/2015
141. Martin Luther King Haiku 7/29/2015
142. Racist Dogma (Haiku) 7/29/2015
143. Moving Forward (Haiku) 7/29/2015
144. Freedom's Wish Haiku 7/29/2015
145. Racist Haiku 7/29/2015
146. Spiritual Haiku 7/29/2015
147. Mandella Haiku 7/29/2015
148. Martin Luther King (2) Haiku 7/29/2015
149. Black Ancestry Haiku 7/29/2015
150. President Lincoln Haiku 7/29/2015
151. African American Haiku 7/29/2015
152. The Inevitable...How I Deal With It...My Views 7/29/2015
153. Romantic Tease (Impromptu Poem) 7/31/2015
154. Stained Images 7/31/2015
155. Whispering Pleasures Of Sky And Sea (I'M In A Mellow Mood This Evening And This Is What Is Coming Forth) 7/31/2015
156. Flatlined 7/31/2015
157. Kids Of Curry's Lane 7/31/2015
158. Fair-Weather Friends 7/31/2015
159. Smothered (An Impromptu Poem) It's Midnight And This Is What I'M Sharing..... 8/1/2015
160. The Party Is Over 8/5/2015

Comments about Melvina Germain

  • Shelley L Baxter-stanley (5/15/2007 2:05:00 PM)

    Well, if I were to describe Melvina as a person, I would have to say first of all she has a beautiful caring soul! She is not only beautiful inside, she is also very much a Beautiful woman of color outside as well. She is very intelligent, driven and just a joy to be around because she uplifts all who know her! Or whomever is blessed enough to come in contact with her excellent poetry.She turns frowns upside down!
    She was blessed with a Great caring man that Loved her greatly...and to whom she loved very much for many years...and still does to this day.Richard will be remembered and remain living in our memories til the day we all go Home to be together it will be two years on September 19th since he went home to be with the Lord...
    I am blessed to know her, honestly she has been a blessing in my life many times.
    As for her poetry she gets better and better everyday and has the ability to write about many topics...very diverse in her abilty to write, speeches and poetry.
    She is a great christian lady with many values and many talents and I pray God continues to bless her..and us with her presence for many, many, many years to come.From my mouth to Gods ears...
    Thank you for being you Melvina! !
    Love your ((other)) daughter......

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  • Emilia Young (12/3/2006 1:10:00 AM)

    Wow! What a vivid experience you've penned...well, certainly not your time...yet...we look forward to reading more of your work!
    God be with you,
    Emilia :)

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Best Poem of Melvina Germain

(420) Watering The Flowers

The early morning dew caressed petals
of garden flowers, allowing them to
hold their tiny heads toward the sky.

I wore the sun as a glove this morning,
covering my skin with its warm embrace, while
the mist from the garden hose ever so slightly
touched my legs as I watered our beautiful

A sense of tranquility came over me as I
stood there basking in the beauty of the day.
A slight wind touched the back of my neck
and I was sure I heard a whisper say,
I love you.

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(994) Crack

Crack, a new drug hit the streets.
To some, it is an awesome treat.
The fee is not very high to pay.
Unfortunately, your life, crack
will claim one day.

One hoot may be an experiment,
and leave you still secure.
Two hoots, you’ll start skitching