Melvina Germain
Sydney, Nova Scotia


Hit Title Date Added
(122) I Truly Love You
Listen to me,
Give me your ear
I have much to say
You must hear.
(904) Crack Baby
Pregnant again she confides in a friend.
No where to go, no one will take her in.
Walking the streets in the dark of night.
Hiding in alleys, trying to stay out of sight.
(970) Welfare Bums
Don’t put us down, until you understand, where
we are coming from without a helping hand.
We’re all alone, my husband walked away.
He left us to fend for ourselves each and every day.
(880) Heart Of Steel
Hues of blue encase my being,
nestled in the shadows of space.
Fear not brave warrior, I commit no crime,
nor ponder any such disgrace.
(712) Images Of You
To pine is pain of a fragile heart,
where whispers lie in a sad place.
I try to think of bright, sunny days
and place you still on a happy face.
(561) My Vision
Lying motionless supported by a soft bed of grass, my thoughts
ran wild, endless thoughts from the beginning of my life to the end and
beyond. My eyes opened wide as I lay in a pre slumber state. The
most amazing vision unfolded right before my eyes, clouds began to
(567) A Prayer For The Different People
Father today I want to pray for all the different people in the world. People that may not be the best looking, or have eyes that bulge, teeth that point, big ears or crippled joints. People of colour, from the very dark to palest of pale, the little people, the big people. Anyone that is different Lord, today is their day and for them I pray.

Father, please take the narrow minded, the bully's and name callers to task. Teach them to look beyond the facial masks and disfigured bodies, teach them to see what is truly real, to discover how truly beautilful these people are. Show them Lord how much these wonderful people contrilbute to the world.
(501) Welcome
Welcome Father, you’re the head of our family
Wecome Mother, you are my strength
Welcome Brother, my strong tower
Welcome sister, a soft shoulder for my head
(879) Fear Me-Stay Alive
Powerful, that’s right,
I’m a terror, as you will see, no one can beat me.
Why I’ll tear you apart from top to bottom.
I won’t give a damn, winter, spring, summer or autumn.
(735) Lost Desperate Whore-Walk With Me
Come now, my friend, come walk with me
through streets of dreaded hell. Walk with
me to garbage dumps, dark alleys, nasty
mattresses smell-won’t you walk with

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