Melvina Germain Poems

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(919) Storm Hypnotic-A

My nose pressed firmly against the windowpane,
as the booming sounds of thunder-
and streaks of lightening came.
The trees blew viciously, branches hurled to the ground.

(909) Violated

You’ve been hurt, beaten, raped, taken advantage of.
Scared for life? Is this really true, will you
let the perpetrators have the best of you. I think
not, you must not seek revenge, for then you will be

(110) Crisis Of A Child

Mommy, mommy don’t leave me here alone.
I don’t like you talking on the phone.
I just got home, I have so much to say.
Please mommy listen to what happened today.

(976) My Sister Lives On

The ocean breeze with it's special aroma permeated the air.
I felt lonely, empty, my sister's ashes now flow there.
In my mind's eye, I saw her face and beautiful golden hair.
Oh how I wish she was also standing here.

(719) Father (Sunday Prayer)

Father once again I come to you to ask yet for more blessings. Oh Lord is there no end to what I ask for. Each day new problems, new heartaches, more devistation, molestations, murders, drug use is increasing instead of decreasing.
Father God people are forgetting their purpose in life, they are lost. Father many years ago, your son asked you to forgive them for they know not what they do. Father when will they know what they're doing.
I have a difficult time Father looking at the news and reading of unnecessary killings, of a body found in close proximity, a body missing the head and very badly beaten. Father God what kind of a person does this. Satan is so busy and still finding a following. I'm
concerned at the minds that he is still able to poison.

(702) Poemhunters A Family Needs Your Prayers

Father today I come to you with a heavy heart, a heart that is saddened and crying out for your help. Father this week a family is in great pain, for they have lost a loved one in such a brutal way. A hard working woman of 40 years old, walking home from work, minding her own business, but she didn’t make it Lord. No my Father, she didn’t make it, she was followed, beaten, raped and murdered. A mother of 5 sons, working hard to save money to send to the Philipines for her sons and husband to come to Canada to live a better life. Oh Father, now she ‘s not here any longer, taken by a ruthless, heartless killer.
I’m told Father that I should pray for this killer, forgive me my King, this I can not do. Maybe another time perhaps, another day when I can think clearly. Today I focus my prayers on the deceased woman and her precious family.
The pain will be heavy and hard to deal with but with your help Father anything is possible. Please Lord put the blood of Jesus over them and give them the strength they need to move forward. Father over these next few days and weeks, their eyes will fill with tears, their minds filled with questions asking why did this happen. Only you can pull them through Lord, only you have the answers, only you can soothe them and give them your heavenly love.
Father the perpetrator beat this poor lady so bad, that the family couldn’t indentify her so it would definitely appear that she suffered tremendously. Father I want to believe that you took her to be with you long before the brutal blows were landed, that she was already sitting by your side.

(959) Be Kind

Disagreements will come,
disagreements will go
being right
seems important so

(715) Father-You Are My All

Dear Lord in Heaven, I hear your voice in the sounds of the falling rain.
I feel you Lord when the warm winds touch my face
I see you when I look at the stars high in the sky.
When no one else is near me Lord, I know you are standing by.

(680) Love (Acrostic) No.1

Living in a blissful, happy state,

Over the rainbow, my true love waits.

(682) Love Acrostic No.3

Loving you feels like the soft touch of velvet rain.

Over the hills we’ll walk together again.