Melvina Germain

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Melvina Germain Quotes

  • ''When people see a change in you, it promotes change in them.....An M.G. Quote''
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  • ''Unless you have experienced the pain of addiction, you
    can not begin to understand the process. An M.G. Quote''
    Looking at addiction in no way is the same as experiencing it. Judge not.....
  • ''An insatiable need to do what you know will hurt you in
    the end is the chains of addiction...An M.G. Quote''
    When someone is held tight in chains, it's difficult to break loose.....
  • ''Alcoholism, obsessive shopping, gambling, drug abuse,
    street or prescription, sexual obsessive greed all are held
    under the blanket of addiction.''
  • ''Addiction can be considered an art form as sometimes the
    greatest actors and actresses are at constant work. Deceiving,
    calculating, manipulating. They are some of the most
    innovative thinkers in the world.''
  • ''Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening beautiful sisters and brothers. With all the pain that is present in this world, I still want to bathe in the beauty of this earth. I want to rest in the peace of darkest night, soak myself in the warmth of the rain and delight in the brightest light. I found a place created to my liking that soothes my soul and in that place tranquility continues to visit me.

    Come with me while I share a little piece of my happiness grown from the roots, sprouting up through the earth to eyes of anticipation. Come and watch my flowers grow, come and sip tea in my garden of serenity. Now I'll share one of my favorite garden quotes with you...Melvina.....

    A Garden bathed in sunshine smiles all day long…An M.G. Quote''
    Peace & Serenity
  • ''This quote if for you, gentlemen...

    A woman who truly loves you will stand by you through all your sorrow and pain, through darkness that pours like rain. She'll hold your hand, uplift your soul, soothe your heart as you quietly grow old. No she'll never leave you, this flower of light, in her heart, you're a phenomenal delight...An M.G. Quote.....''
    True Love
  • ''You never know where the hurtful words are going to come from. Sometimes they come from the people you care for, love and respect the most and often they have no idea they hurt you. Isn't that ironic.....''
  • ''Writing brings out your creativity in words and readers are thirsty for the Blessing…An M.G. Quote''
    Writing Quotes
  • ''Writing brings out your creativity in words and readers are thirsty for the Blessing…An M.G. Quote''
    Writing Quote

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Best Poem of Melvina Germain

(375) Faded Red Dress

There you were a sight to behold,
quietly sleeping, in shimmering folds.
No heart to disturb your precious rest,
I left you lying there in a faded red dress.

Dream my darling dream as only you can
listen to the song birds, hold them in your hand

I’ll take a walk several blocks away,
When I return we’ll start our day.
beautiful morning, bright and clear,
a glimpse of your shadow mystically near.

Dream my darling dream as only you can
Listen to the song birds, hold them in your hand

Your body laid still, no breathing came.
Fell to my ...

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(502) Meant To Be

I saw the flicker in your eyes,
your beautiful porcelain smile.
I watched you closely as you
walked down the aisle.

I saw the sway in your hips,
the confidence in your walk.
The pertness of your lips,
as you listened to your minister

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