Memories And Hope

Memories And Hope Poems

1. Bereft 9/21/2007
2. The Outsider 9/23/2007
3. Sights Of A Bombay Morning 9/23/2007
4. Hurt 9/29/2007
5. Catharsis 7/9/2007
6. Why? 10/5/2007
7. Just Another Day 10/8/2007
8. New Year (Haiku) 12/31/2007
9. Actor (A Poem In Hindi) 3/25/2008
10. Lovers In Arms (Haiku) 7/9/2007
11. Sahra Ka Jaise, Badalon Ko Dekh (Urdu/Hindustani) 7/9/2007
12. Cut Both Ways (Haiku) 9/28/2007
13. Another Day Alone 10/16/2007
14. Just Pain 10/29/2007
15. Don'T 3/25/2008
16. Nature And My Beloved 7/14/2007
17. Rain (A Haiku) 10/8/2007
18. You Haunt Me 9/28/2007
19. Life...Between Words 9/21/2007
20. Alone (A Haiku) 9/29/2007
21. She Was 43 10/31/2007
22. Hope Again 7/9/2007

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Best Poem of Memories And Hope

Hope Again

Where there was but pain
and shadows of memories past
forming anew
there is something here atlast

and while the future is too far
hazy and not yet born
i can at least face without fear
tomorrows breaking dawn

For years i was lost
trying to find and in darkness grope
but now with you
i finally see a single ray of hope.

So whatever happens now
abandonment or birth or death
i will still smile
for i shared with you a moments breath.

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The Outsider

Nights never end,
the sun has forgotten me,
the breeze that blew from the sea,
now avoids my house.

The parrots that cavorted
on the thin wire outside,
seem to have found
a new friend.

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