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  • '''Don't tell me the truth yet. I prefer a blind guessing with a lighted brain rather than a lighted truth with a blind mind'''
    Menna Magdy M.M
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  • ''NO success without someone to tell you that you can and someone else to say behind your back that you can't''
    Menna Magdy
  • ''Mind is a hill. You reach a thought's peak out of breath but once you're there, you flee downhill through millions of thoughts''
    Menna Magdy
  • ''Being dummy does not mean to ask dumb questions but not to ask at all''
    Menna Magdy
  • ''Values are not statements to be checked true or false but questions and will always remain questions''
    Menna Magdy

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A Fact

I have been taught the hard way
That is
Life won't last
'nd days
Have a word to pay
That is
To pass away
'nd death

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