Mercii Wynterz

Rookie (10-25-98 / United states of america)

Biography of Mercii Wynterz

well... I feel as if i cant stop writing.. everytime i set the pencil down another idea flies into my head. my poems are just sitting in an old composition book beside my bed and my boyfriend says there good and i should show them to people.. so i figured none of you know me so its a good idea to start here Updates


Drip Drip Drip... This is all i hear. These drips not water from the sink nor
are they my tears. These drips are my blood sliding off my wrist. I just cant live like this. Im tired of this shit. If I'm gone none will care im just another emo girl with stupid emo hair. I'm teased. i'm taunted. i'm beaten. i'm bruised. my heart feels like a withered rose its tired and worn out its been through so much heartbreak it no longer wants to beat. that's why i cut this deep that's why i'm bleeding out.

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