Mercy Warren

(1728 - 1814 / Boston / United States)

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  • 12345 (4/30/2019 1:13:00 PM)

    I'm doing a wax museum on her. It's a good website but, it doesn't have what I'm looking for.

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    mercy warren made 4 poems

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  • student (3/1/2019 2:34:00 PM)

    the video on womans trifling needs was very dissapointing. you couldnt read the whole thing.

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Best Poem of Mercy Warren

The Death Of Parson Caldwell's Wife

THE outrage of innocence in instances too numerous to be recorded, of the wanton barbarity of the soldiers of the King of England, as they patrolled the defenceless villages of America, was evinced nowhere more remarkably than in the burnings and massacres every that, marked the footsteps of the British troops as they from time to time ravaged the State of New Jersey. In their late excursion they had trod their deleterious path through a part of the country called the Connecticut Farms. It is needless to particularize many instances of their wanton rage and unprovoked devastation in and near ...

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Woman's Trifling Needs

AN inventory clear of all she needs Lamira offers here; Nor does she fear a rigid Cato's frown When she lays by the rich embroidered gown, And modestly compounds for just enough- Perhaps, some dozens of more flighty stuff; With lawns and lustrings, blond, and Mechlin laces, Fringes and jewels, fans and tweezer-cases; memory Gay cloaks, and hats of

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