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Hi! , thanks for visiting!
I am a 35yr old woman, wife and mother of 4 wonderful boys; my integral world. Most of my poems are lyrics for the songs I write and play. I am an earth bound spirit, who works with natural therapies and nature as my vocation. I love all forms of art.
I love to write...sometimes it is the only release.
I enjoy reading the works of others, and like to hear feedback on my own verse.
We live on the south coast of Australia, we are not materialistic, but we are privileged, as here we live freely in beauty.
Please rate; & review, if it grabs you. The gesture will be returned.
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Ungrateful queen
she's strange and mean
she's flattering thats such a
good mate
friendly shake and say I'll see ya
word to speak
Unfaithful queen
weak at my knee
she's blossoming thats such a

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