Merlin Mwaura

Rookie (19th May 1987 / Kenya)

Biography of Merlin Mwaura

I was born in our capital city, Nairobi(A place of many waters) an indian(at least I always thought it was) hospital-THE AGHAKAN HOSPITAL-i was raised in Nairobi for my first two tender years before my father[ Quintile M.] took us to live in the productive hills of Kiambu. I was comforted by the greens, clean air and the greater queries of life here. I felt a first love in our little town...and my mother[Euphesia P.]was the queen of that world then.Still is.
I have had a successful primary and secondary education. I did a diploma in Information systems and now currently at an undergraduate course in Business Information Technology. Other than that iread extensively on philosphy, world literates, Edgar Alan Poe, Herman Melville, Emerson, Josef Pieper, Cicero, All philosphers(favorites) and other works that have inspired me to avail myself that this esteemed position.
I say, 'Genius is spurned before it finds its maturity and soars from the dispositions that spurn it.' Updates

Water Drops...

in the middle of beauty,
A polite presence...
tends to its performance.

For times are changing,
and the calm?
the quiet?
the dull?

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