Methods Create Madness

Methods Create Madness Poems

1. Trapped Or Free? 4/14/2011
2. Who Are You? 4/17/2011
3. Parting 5/2/2011
4. He Met His End 5/6/2011
5. I Won'T 8/18/2011
6. It's About Time 1/4/2012
7. I'Ll Bow To No Man 4/6/2012
8. And Again I Write 4/30/2012
9. Brushed On The Wall 9/9/2012
10. Oh My Judge 7/6/2011
11. Odè To My Loving Home And Those Lost 7/24/2011
12. One's Hope Can Hope For Other. 5/3/2011
13. Reflection 4/14/2011
14. Our Eyes Met 4/26/2011
15. Ignorance And Care 12/16/2011
16. Shell Of A Cold Soul 4/19/2011
17. Do As You Do. 4/15/2011
18. I'Ll Always Look Back 7/25/2011
19. My Hesitation To Realize. 6/22/2011
20. Ensom. 6/23/2011
21. Just A Small Feeling 6/5/2011

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  • Faith Fimano Faith Fimano (4/30/2012 6:35:00 PM)

    Love your biography ;)

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Best Poem of Methods Create Madness

Just A Small Feeling

'Have you ever loved someone? '
You asked me that.
'I don't know..'
It was all I could say.

'What is love to you? '
You continued to ask.
'I'm sorry, I don't have an answer for that.'
I really didnt..

'Love is not a sign of weakness you know.'
I'm not weak.. (What is weakness to you anyway?)
'It's ok to share. Whats on your mind? '
'Why me? ' I was thinking.. I was just anybody trying to enjoy my coffee in peace.

'Because you're alone.'
'you have the same eyes as me.'
Who was this girl, I couldnt even look at her after hearing ...

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Do As You Do.

This play is amusing
This play makes me laugh
This play first seemed sad
But this plays' not bad
It's a masquerade, we can partake
Masked and dressed, new lies we make
Society made this awesome trend
But that was until, my dearest friend
Decided that she, refused to pretend

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