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Hi, I'm Mia, a freshman in HS. I joined this site after finding it while searching for a poem for poem in your pocket day. I enjoy poetry to an extent, especially writing it. I love to read, and you will almost always find me with my nose in a book. Sadly, I actually like writing essays sometimes, despite all the complaining I do. Thanks to my Gifted ENglish class, literature is a bigger part of my life now and that is pleasing. I really enjoy searching this site and I have one poem listed which i recently wrote for my English class.

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You’re running and you see it
A shiver of ecstasy runs through you
You rush towards it imagining the feel of it against your flesh
You itch in anticipation, yearning to touch it
You quicken your pace as your skin begins to burn
The old man stares at you, afraid
He starts to move, but you stop him, yelling “No! ”
So close, so close
You’re a foot away

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