Michael Burch

Biography of Michael Burch

Michael R. Burch has been published more than 1,500 times in major newspapers, magazines and literary journals which include TIME, Writer's Digest, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Lyric, Light Quarterly and many others. He also edits www.thehypertexts.com (a literary website that is currently on track to garner around 1.2 million page views per year) .

Michael Burch's Works:

Violets for Beth, Auschwitz Rose (forthcoming)

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Isolde's Song

Through our long years of dreaming to be one
we grew toward an enigmatic light
that gently warmed our tendrils. Was it sun?
We had no eyes to tell; we loved despite
the lack of all sensation—all but one:
we felt the night's deep chill, the air so bright
at dawn we quivered limply, overcome.

To touch was all we knew, and how to bask.

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