Michael Fischer

Rookie (March 30,1987 / Buffalo, New York)

Michael Fischer Poems

161. You Left Me Breathless Babe! 6/11/2008
162. You Fooled Me...Shame On Me! 6/6/2008
163. Sentence Stress 6/7/2008
164. The Dour Dungeon (A First-Hand Account) 12/31/2007
165. The Party (Part Ii) 4/19/2007
166. Poetry In Wave Pool E-Motion! 4/15/2007
167. Congratulations My Friend (From Death) ! 6/1/2008
168. Basket Case (Placed On Sears Clearance Racks) 6/26/2008
169. Cookie-Cutter Conformity (Objects May Appear Closer Than They Actually Are) 7/13/2008
170. Dxm Write Up (The Trip Line Between Life And Death) 11/23/2008
171. Artificial Selection 8/13/2008
172. Shedding Light In The Dark Room Of Photographic Memory 12/14/2008
173. The Gunpowder Plot (Let This Be A Lesson) 6/23/2008
174. What Did You Learn Today? 6/30/2008
175. Around The Water Cooler (Occupational Sexism) 7/21/2008
176. Tripping On The Clouds In The Sky 9/15/2008
177. Why I Love You... 10/4/2008
178. Black Lake (You Can'T See Your Reflection) 7/2/2008
179. She Is Living In Her Dream! 6/11/2008
180. Death: A Scholar In Disguise! 6/9/2008
181. Our Skeleton Key To The Universe 6/18/2008
182. I Have A Question... 1/2/2008
183. An Epic War (Midnight Massacre) 12/25/2007
184. Do You Accept All Returns? 4/25/2007
185. It Must Be Playoff Time! 4/5/2007
186. The Backyard 4/15/2007
187. July Evening's Sweet Dream 3/26/2007
188. The Accolades Of Yesterday's Heroes 3/27/2007
189. The Graveyard Of Teenage Dreams 3/23/2007
190. But You Don'T Know 3/24/2007
191. A Psychonaut In A State Of Bliss (My Vault Of Heaven) 12/22/2008
192. Gauntlet Of Life 3/23/2007
193. The Elysium Of My Love 3/24/2007
194. Blackmail Traps You Inside Its Cage 3/26/2007
195. My Love Poem To You 4/8/2007
196. Our Brush With Death! 4/6/2007
197. How Does That Make You Feel? 3/27/2007
198. The Two-Faced Red Fox 11/29/2008
199. Time (Our Saboteur) 3/22/2007
200. Commercial Advertisement For Conformity (The Process) 5/7/2007
Best Poem of Michael Fischer

Another Girl Robbed Of Her Esteem (When Will The Nightmare End?)

The demon takes shelter in her fear.
It awakens just prior to her slumber,
takes a hatchet to her insides,
and leaves her vulnerable in the night!

The jarring sounds from the outside
grow loud; none of them familiar.
She shakes in her striped tube socks
and slowly shrinks beneath her sheets.

Her world has almost tripled in size;
She is left to fend for herself.
Her voice has grown high-pitched
and her escape route is a dead end.

Her demon disappears in the darkness.
Its reflection hides in her bed.
Her demon? Her mirror image.
Her ...

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Ah, the sweet blissfulness of nostalgia;
it can be our hand tool
when the crazed institution called life
leaves us as an empty vagabond.

We can revisit
the gleaming moments of our past
and indulge ourselves
in the ardent summer sun it has to offer.

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