Michael Gale

Rookie (? / Chicago Illinois/Oklahoma City.)

Biography of Michael Gale

I enjoy reading and writing poetry, art, and drawing.In 1978 went into the Marine Corps, honorably discharged in 1982.Moved to Oklahoma in 1982.Worked for a short stint with TG&Y variety store for 6 month's and then worked for a major department store for 18 years and 7 month's.Worked as a security guard for 11 month's.
I met my beautiful wife, Barbara, while employed at the dept. store.Fell in love and got married on Valentine's Day,2002'.Wish to one day soon publish a book of poetry.Graduated from Lyon's Township High School(David Hasselhoff, the actor went there also) many, many days ago.Been told i look like Kevin Costner, the actor.I am very patriotic, but believe it's time to end this war, and bring our troops
home.Enough lives, have been needlessly taken from their chidren.God bless this country and it's people.God bless our troops and poets, and readers of poetry! Tis best to let go with full throttled rhyme unbottled. Who gives a damned what others think as long as you like it. Remember-only you can make well'ed dew land on leaves of planted reception, recieved well by others.
You cannot due this if you hold back because one does not know when they've stiffled their own inbourne talent.
A silencer is placed on the end of the barrel of a gun only to silence it's noise. Take away the muffled noise and you could well have unequelled review. We truly need to try and please ourselves and not others. If we accomplish this tough task, we'll naturally please others without really realizing it in the end. In writing you cannot do anything imoral, because it is an artistry that cannot be imoral, because it is in the mind and never really commited to others. It is entertaining and not like a video game which might be considered too violent. It's only imagination to write. God gave us all the right to read or write imaginatively and there fore it cannot be wrong because God gave us that natural talent and brain. Sorry-I'll get down off my soap box and quit lectering. I just love and enjoy writing and reading poetry and no one will ever be able to take that away from me. One will only fall down onto their faces only as long as they think they will. Positive equels positive. Negativity breeds negativity. That's all. Imagination knows only it's unlimited ability in direction or cutoff limit.
God bless-Michael Jeffrey Gale.

Michael Gale's Works:

None, as of yet.Behold this poem of a poem of mine by Alias Anonymous. This poet's spin on a poem of mine, nicely done.
Whither thou goest
With ye olde case
Of mental blocks?
Me duth not knowest
Thy dusty face
Nor rusty locks.
Yet as thou trek
Across far land
To Nowheres Ville
We pray no trick
Nor stifly bland
Thine hand should still.

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