Michael Gale

Rookie (? / Chicago Illinois/Oklahoma City.)

Michael Gale Poems

401. Bring On The New Year. 1/4/2009
402. I Froze Off My Arse More Colder Than I-Ce. 1/4/2009
403. From This Heart... So Deafened Designed. 1/4/2009
404. Africa's Angels Are Dying. 1/4/2009
405. The Ways Of Love. 1/5/2009
406. Get Off My Brain! 1/5/2009
407. Giant Floods That God Did Reign. 1/6/2009
408. Why Does It Have To Rain On Me? 1/7/2009
409. Hey, Yo, Yo, Bro'. 1/9/2009
410. Would God Give Us A Choice, Unchosen. 1/9/2009
411. A Devout Devouring Diety. 1/10/2009
412. Thy Moon, Thy Moon, Thy Sullen Swoon. 1/10/2009
413. Stallions White And Purest Bright. 1/10/2009
414. Am I Here Or Scene In Flight? 1/10/2009
415. The Quiet Quiller Killer. 1/10/2009
416. The Poet From Nantucket. 1/10/2009
417. The Talking, Poor Squid, With Nary, A Quid 1/10/2009
418. Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain Of Pain. 1/10/2009
419. A Sad Farewell. 1/11/2009
420. A Dirty Dancer, Loved And Respected, By Most. 1/11/2009
421. Don'T Mess With The U Ess. 1/11/2009
422. My Promise To You. 1/12/2009
423. Walking & Chewing Gum, Can Be Deadly. 1/12/2009
424. A Grave Danger, Of Fear. 1/13/2009
425. A New World Order. 1/13/2009
426. Does War, Lead To Hell? 1/13/2009
427. Year Anew. 1/13/2009
428. No Peace, No Tell. 1/13/2009
429. Fantasy Run On Unsentanced. 1/14/2009
430. 'Darling', 'Let Me Ex-Splane! ' 1/14/2009
431. I'D Kill The Little Girl's Killer. 1/14/2009
432. Freedoms. 1/10/2009
433. Drugs Of The Boozer, Will Make You The Loser. 1/10/2009
434. Starve The Devil And Feed Our Souls. 1/14/2009
435. Cosmical Intrigue. 1/16/2009
436. Chalice Of Valkyrie. 1/17/2009
437. Gaelic Tours, Down That Road. 1/17/2009
438. George Of The Jungle Rode A Wooley Mammoth. 1/17/2009
439. A Stork, From New York. 1/18/2009
440. Evil Men Are Wrong. 1/18/2009

Comments about Michael Gale

  • Elna Johnson (2/5/2013 7:52:00 AM)

    Hello my new friend my name is Elna i will like us to be friends
    of good and not of evil you can mail me and tell me of yourself my
    mail is. elnaaltidor2@yahoo.com. i will send you my pic next mail
    have a nice day

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  • Jo Kusagi (11/3/2007 1:23:00 PM)

    I like your poems, there arent enough poets in the world that's why we have too many wars.

Best Poem of Michael Gale

A Mother's Love!

A mother's love is never faltering.
A mother's love is never halting.
A mother's judgement is never erring.
A mother's dream is to supply all needs.
A mother's goal is to instill good deeds.
A mother's commitment, is to the one, that
she loves!
A mother's reward is thanks, for all of
the aboves!
This mother says 'she will always protect
you all your life'...'Just to see that there is
no danger or strife'.'For a sharing of love
is my duty to you'...'Your happiness, i'll
guarantee to make, you safe and true! '
'I'll kiss those owie's to make them not ...

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911, Was Meant To Stun!

Planes of flame and smoke, exploded to the
side of twin towers, one frightful fateful day...
The shock of horror on observers faces,
filled TV networks, as screens did so, tape
and play!

911, will live on in every nations man...
Because the act was so terrible, it lasts on
every persons memory, as they remember, as

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