Michael Gale

Rookie (? / Chicago Illinois/Oklahoma City.)

Michael Gale Poems

441. Suicide, Is Lived, And Died. 1/18/2009
442. That, Fatal, Car Crash. 1/19/2009
443. My Sad, But, True Story. 1/19/2009
444. Rocky Roded, Times Mis-Stayed. 1/19/2009
445. Bad Feelings. 1/19/2009
446. Toad Rage. 1/19/2009
447. Furrowment Of The Heavenly Mount. 1/19/2009
448. Occasional Returns, To Home Based, Regrets... 1/20/2009
449. Word Weavers, Of The Past. 1/20/2009
450. Sad Emotions Unclothed, Bare And Naked, True. 1/20/2009
451. Death We Fear, So Very Near. 1/20/2009
452. My Muddled, Middled Dream, I Weave. 1/20/2009
453. Dragon's Quest, Keenly, And Queenly, They Met. 1/20/2009
454. Erosions Of A De-Medicated Heart. 1/21/2009
455. Porous, Government Waste, Of Yesterday. 1/21/2009
456. Many Cat-A Moronic, Mothers-Few. 1/22/2009
457. Stinker Bell, Drinks And Dives. 1/23/2009
458. A Flower's, Beautified Growth. 1/23/2009
459. Monarchs, Hated. 1/23/2009
460. Bad Misgivings, Of A Sorrowed Depth. 1/24/2009
461. All Bereft, This Chasm Cleft. 1/24/2009
462. Hope Thy Reckonings, Hath No Wronger. 1/24/2009
463. Unsweetened Pennies, Hard Swallowed, By Thought. 1/24/2009
464. On Smallville, Clark Can'T Fly. 1/24/2009
465. An Unpalatable Life. 1/24/2009
466. One, Nervous, Sitting Duck. 1/24/2009
467. Ancient Breezes Of Innocence. 1/24/2009
468. Plane, Unflighted Love. 1/25/2009
469. A Tornadic Dis-Spell. 1/25/2009
470. Character Flaws Of A Lifeless Breed. 1/26/2009
471. Death Be Death Be Not. 1/27/2009
472. You Kicked, My Heart's, Own Butt. 1/29/2009
473. Thy Mortal, Self. 1/29/2009
474. Too Many Pills, And Not Enough, Time. 1/29/2009
475. You Belong In A Zoo, If You Write, Haiku! 1/30/2009
476. If Abortion Is Legalized? 1/30/2009
477. A Most, Deser'Ved Peace. 1/30/2009
478. A Foreboding Cloud, Of Loneliness. 1/30/2009
479. Up Late, And Into, The 'Night-Fright'. 1/30/2009
480. Life Can Be Such A Pain, In The Can. 1/30/2009

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  • Elna Johnson (2/5/2013 7:52:00 AM)

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    of good and not of evil you can mail me and tell me of yourself my
    mail is. elnaaltidor2@yahoo.com. i will send you my pic next mail
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  • Jo Kusagi (11/3/2007 1:23:00 PM)

    I like your poems, there arent enough poets in the world that's why we have too many wars.

Best Poem of Michael Gale

A Mother's Love!

A mother's love is never faltering.
A mother's love is never halting.
A mother's judgement is never erring.
A mother's dream is to supply all needs.
A mother's goal is to instill good deeds.
A mother's commitment, is to the one, that
she loves!
A mother's reward is thanks, for all of
the aboves!
This mother says 'she will always protect
you all your life'...'Just to see that there is
no danger or strife'.'For a sharing of love
is my duty to you'...'Your happiness, i'll
guarantee to make, you safe and true! '
'I'll kiss those owie's to make them not ...

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Heavenly Rising

A sun drenched morning, with Butterflies,
fluttering from one empty cave,
Filled with leaves, mounting atop Man's sad,
and lonely grave.
Sunlight's rays spreading of snow white
Surrounding all it's sad forgotten women.
Confused and staring in empty world's
horizon, Heavenly Advance of The Lord's

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