Michael Gale

Rookie (? / Chicago Illinois/Oklahoma City.)

Michael Gale Poems

121. I Thee Take Thy Smoke In Hand. 5/9/2006
122. April Wined My Heart To Thee. 5/12/2006
123. An Every Day Occuring Mis-Spent Painfilled Arthritic Day. 5/14/2006
124. Bikini'Ed Gravitease. 5/15/2006
125. A Well Lit Way, To My Field Of Stories. 5/17/2006
126. Disgrace. 5/18/2006
127. Pogo's Rekindling Sticks To My Heart. 5/19/2006
128. A Misfired Floral Race. 5/19/2006
129. The Book Of Life Full Of Oomph! 5/22/2006
130. The Mis-Wanderings Of Old Klondike Pete. 4/20/2006
131. Johnny Apple Steed Would Plant His Seeds With A Much Handied Tool. 4/20/2006
132. This Wayward Heart. 4/20/2006
133. Unbelievers In God Shall Go Onto Their Self Inflicted Punishment. 4/20/2006
134. Lonely, Lonely Tree'D Limb As Thee. 4/21/2006
135. Mama's Boys Don'T Like Their Toys. 4/21/2006
136. Nature's Wrath, Does Give An Unwanted Bath. 4/21/2006
137. He Pleased Her With His Big Stick-That Was His Favorite Trick. 4/22/2006
138. God Cries Down Over Head-Only After A Renewed Begin. 4/28/2006
139. A Blue Suede Heart Break From Life. 4/29/2006
140. Man's Own Boring Useless Clich^ets. 4/30/2006
141. 'A Happily Ended, Respectful To Each Other, Story-In Life'. 5/3/2006
142. Yukon Cops Are Cons In Yukon, Such Bad Boys Are They With Their Toys. 5/3/2006
143. Is It Your Eternal Fate To Be Misledly And Wedly Late? 5/5/2006
144. Is Peter Pansy An Edibly Sticky Flower? 5/22/2006
145. Writers In Life? 4/22/2006
146. This Poetic Piece-You'Ve Artly Crafted. 4/22/2006
147. Away I Bid This Saddened Heart-Away Went Feelings Not So Smart. 4/23/2006
148. God's Prayers, Now Answered, By Storms So Unformed. 4/24/2006
149. A Long Journey's Ride To Death's Own Door. 4/27/2006
150. Aft' The Morrow', Our Love Had Set. 5/23/2006
151. Don'T Do Dope, You Dope! 5/23/2006
152. That Rope A Goat Suburbanite Cowboy. 6/3/2006
153. Cash-The Man In Black-Will Never Be Back. 6/3/2006
154. Jesus Could Have Drank Dr.Pepper. 6/3/2006
155. Demoned Weeds Towards The Sun. 6/4/2006
156. My Art So Close To My Heart. 6/5/2006
157. I Deserve Thee Not. 6/5/2006
158. Your Smiled Beauty Tattooed Well Close To This Heart's Memory. 6/5/2006
159. Death's Beckoned Door Well Welcomed. 6/5/2006
160. Let's Just Burst This Hubbel, Bubble. 6/7/2006

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  • Elna Johnson (2/5/2013 7:52:00 AM)

    Hello my new friend my name is Elna i will like us to be friends
    of good and not of evil you can mail me and tell me of yourself my
    mail is. elnaaltidor2@yahoo.com. i will send you my pic next mail
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  • Jo Kusagi (11/3/2007 1:23:00 PM)

    I like your poems, there arent enough poets in the world that's why we have too many wars.

Best Poem of Michael Gale

Baseball's Fun In The Sun!

With the crack of the bat, baseballs seem to
fly and float over my glove! As i step back
near the wall, this round like orb
approaches furiously from way above!
I take a long jump, and stretch out my
gloved hand, Just a might short of this
warning track, while listening to the
roaring crowd, and it's peanut and hotdog
venders, over to the right of me, in this
noisily stand! I twirl in mid air and make
a spectacular catch, Throwing over hand,
with smooth agility and quickness of speed
to with evenly match! The throw is off to
second base, with a runner ...

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