Michael Gale

Rookie (? / Chicago Illinois/Oklahoma City.)

Michael Gale Poems

121. That Rope A Goat Suburbanite Cowboy. 6/3/2006
122. Cash-The Man In Black-Will Never Be Back. 6/3/2006
123. Let's Just Burst This Hubbel, Bubble. 6/7/2006
124. Terror-Ibly Freedom'D Bound. 6/19/2006
125. I Deserve Thee Not. 6/5/2006
126. Retrofitted, By God's Own Loving Care. 6/19/2006
127. Enter Poetic Land, Where Dreams Can Scream Or Wave In Sheer Terror. 6/21/2006
128. Alone In Bed...Use Your Head...Go Be Wed. 6/21/2006
129. One Single, Mid Life Bled, For No 'Morrow, Shall I Dread. 6/22/2006
130. Blue Pierced Eyes Of Bluest Hue'D. 7/14/2006
131. Waylay This Far Traveled 'ship Of Blame.' 7/17/2006
132. Ever More The Raven Soar. 7/17/2006
133. Aces Held High-As Drunkenly I Do Cheat And Lie, Do I Die? 7/17/2006
134. My Lady Fare, T'Will Be Driven So Rarely Far In Roads Of Love. 7/17/2006
135. Molestational Terms Of Uninterested Despaires. 7/19/2006
136. Con-Versing With A Uni-Versal Verse In A Uni-Verse Of Rhyme. 7/22/2006
137. Vaginal Discretions Of The Most Seekened Of Kind. 7/22/2006
138. Morning Breathless So Early In Morn, Can Cause Teasement And Scorn. 7/26/2006
139. This Van Goughlistic Way Of Life. 7/26/2006
140. Walk The Mall'Ed Mauled, Bearingfull Roaring Call. 6/20/2006
141. Brylecreammery Hambagurs Upon My Half Eaten Plate. 6/20/2006
142. Easter Eggs Sent Dead To The Head, By That No Good Easter Bunny. 6/20/2006
143. Don'T Aband', If Not Yee Can'D. 6/20/2006
144. Frenchopin. 8/3/2006
145. Know'Ed It'Tall, Dared I Tongue'Ly'D Fall'D. 6/22/2006
146. Please Do Cut Mine Umbrellica Cord. 6/22/2006
147. Sexual Confusion To One's Bodily Possession'D. 6/20/2006
148. Beam Me Up Or Just Gim'Me Some Jim Beam Ta' Make Me Smile As Gleam. 6/20/2006
149. Impure Thoughts... 6/22/2006
150. Win That Windsome War, Of Eighteen-Twelve. 6/22/2006
151. Glisten To Me, Your Royal Cupcakes. 6/22/2006
152. Sweet Sorrows Of Bemoanments. 6/23/2006
153. Yearning A Closer Burning, Beside Death's Own Door. 6/23/2006
154. A Most Heated Hatred Of Volcanoc' Hot! 6/23/2006
155. An Unresulted Flight, Or Fancy. 6/24/2006
156. As A Swan Song'Ed Fodder, Beats It's Breast. 6/26/2006
157. The Gamey Chess-Shired, Fraidy Cat, Cannot This Day, Fun Thee Play. 6/27/2006
158. As Tears Roll Down Cheeks, Softened By Heartfelt Sorrow. 6/28/2006
159. Love Stayed Silent-By Tasted Young Breast. 6/29/2006
160. This Melted Heart, By Words Of Scorn-O'Ee'R Time Be Healed, Not Left Sadly Forlorn. 6/30/2006

Comments about Michael Gale

  • Elna Johnson (2/5/2013 7:52:00 AM)

    Hello my new friend my name is Elna i will like us to be friends
    of good and not of evil you can mail me and tell me of yourself my
    mail is. elnaaltidor2@yahoo.com. i will send you my pic next mail
    have a nice day

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  • Jo Kusagi (11/3/2007 1:23:00 PM)

    I like your poems, there arent enough poets in the world that's why we have too many wars.

Best Poem of Michael Gale

A Mother's Love!

A mother's love is never faltering.
A mother's love is never halting.
A mother's judgement is never erring.
A mother's dream is to supply all needs.
A mother's goal is to instill good deeds.
A mother's commitment, is to the one, that
she loves!
A mother's reward is thanks, for all of
the aboves!
This mother says 'she will always protect
you all your life'...'Just to see that there is
no danger or strife'.'For a sharing of love
is my duty to you'...'Your happiness, i'll
guarantee to make, you safe and true! '
'I'll kiss those owie's to make them not ...

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Upon The Cross!

Christ for our sins was put to the cross...
For our forgiveness, was why His was the loss!

Before the cross, He walked among, preaching
to Man...
For it was written that He was the plan!

Healing of the blind, and the raising of the

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