Michael Gale

Rookie (? / Chicago Illinois/Oklahoma City.)

Michael Gale Poems

281. College Of Collaged Mixed Minds. Part One. 2/8/2007
282. College Of Collaged Mixed Minds. Part Two. 2/8/2007
283. Sandied Dunes Of Man's Unanswered Arrival. 2/12/2007
284. That Long Silvered Corpse In Life To Nowhere Off Tracked. 2/20/2007
285. Amen To Hostility's Failure To An Misattentive Lacking Whore! 3/2/2007
286. Have We Been Bush-Whacked Or Ambushed? 3/2/2007
287. As We Sadly Depart For The 'Morrow. 3/2/2007
288. Many Sleepless Nights At Shistor's, Shore. 3/7/2007
289. Fluxional Saddened Heart Ached Pain. 3/14/2007
290. Wars Of Death. 3/17/2007
291. Angels Or Lucifer The 'Prince Of Sin'. 3/17/2007
292. A World Without The Arts And Poetry, What Would Be? 3/18/2007
293. Must We Look Deeply Inside Ourselves? 3/18/2007
294. Full Moon Passioned Days Of Summer. 3/18/2007
295. Be Best This Gifted Vine Lit Flower. 3/19/2007
296. How Doth A Person Change In Time's Passing Horizon? ... 3/24/2007
297. A Hallowed Heartless Heart Only Once Was Ever Mine. 11/4/2006
298. Boston Legal's Denny Crane. 2/13/2007
299. Forced To Smoke Crack As A Joke. 4/5/2007
300. Well Weathered Storms Of Love Shadows Of The Night. 4/24/2007
301. My Love Bird From High Above. 4/24/2007
302. Save The Cheerleader And The World. 4/24/2007
303. Christmas-What Does It Really Mean? 5/1/2007
304. Love Gone Wrong As Life Gone Brief. 5/10/2007
305. Id Rather Watch A Tv Show Than Drink A Cup Of Jo. 5/11/2007
306. Hailish Days Of Unweathered Spring. 5/11/2007
307. On Mothers Day I Love You So! 5/11/2007
308. I Am Michael Gale-I Was Here First! Not U Michael M. 5/11/2007
309. Higher Oil Prices Charged By Lying Crooks. 5/15/2007
310. Unstarry Fright. 5/15/2007
311. Unlawful Censorship Of Artful Writted Wit. 5/15/2007
312. We Must At Times Cringe Among'st Acidic Critiques... 5/15/2007
313. My Love Of Her Goes On Forever. 6/4/2007
314. Shhhhh! , Look At Momma Bird, Fly Back To It's Nest... 6/7/2007
315. Begone Fro' Thy Life, Like Thy E'Ee'R Departing Dawn. 6/7/2007
316. Hate And War Should Be Rare As Never! 6/7/2007
317. Happy Mother's Day, You Mean, Unholy Monstereous Like Beast! 6/7/2007
318. 'Only Money And Fame Count, When You'Re In Paris', He Said. 6/8/2007
319. Sum Tymes Spead Kin Bee Ay Dedlee Nd. 6/8/2007
320. Death Sucks And Sew Does His Dirty Rotten Henchmen. 6/8/2007

Comments about Michael Gale

  • Elna Johnson (2/5/2013 7:52:00 AM)

    Hello my new friend my name is Elna i will like us to be friends
    of good and not of evil you can mail me and tell me of yourself my
    mail is. elnaaltidor2@yahoo.com. i will send you my pic next mail
    have a nice day

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  • Jo Kusagi (11/3/2007 1:23:00 PM)

    I like your poems, there arent enough poets in the world that's why we have too many wars.

Best Poem of Michael Gale

A Mother's Love!

A mother's love is never faltering.
A mother's love is never halting.
A mother's judgement is never erring.
A mother's dream is to supply all needs.
A mother's goal is to instill good deeds.
A mother's commitment, is to the one, that
she loves!
A mother's reward is thanks, for all of
the aboves!
This mother says 'she will always protect
you all your life'...'Just to see that there is
no danger or strife'.'For a sharing of love
is my duty to you'...'Your happiness, i'll
guarantee to make, you safe and true! '
'I'll kiss those owie's to make them not ...

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Heavenly Rising

A sun drenched morning, with Butterflies,
fluttering from one empty cave,
Filled with leaves, mounting atop Man's sad,
and lonely grave.
Sunlight's rays spreading of snow white
Surrounding all it's sad forgotten women.
Confused and staring in empty world's
horizon, Heavenly Advance of The Lord's

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