Michael Gale

Rookie (? / Chicago Illinois/Oklahoma City.)

Michael Gale Poems

321. Happy Mother's Day, You Mean, Unholy Monstereous Like Beast! 6/7/2007
322. 'Only Money And Fame Count, When You'Re In Paris', He Said. 6/8/2007
323. Sum Tymes Spead Kin Bee Ay Dedlee Nd. 6/8/2007
324. Death Sucks And Sew Does His Dirty Rotten Henchmen. 6/8/2007
325. A Lifeless Bubble. 6/9/2007
326. With Booze To Lips Doth Not Death Be Last Gasping Breath. 6/22/2007
327. With Booze To Lips Doth Not Death Be Last Gasping Breathe. 6/22/2007
328. Does Wonder Woman Wear A Wonder Bra? 6/22/2007
329. A Loving Torch Burns Hottest Into Thy Heart... 7/2/2007
330. Alite Sweet Swiftest Hour. 7/4/2007
331. A Tooth Ached Pain Filled Heart. 7/10/2007
332. To Fall Victim To A High Priced Dentist. 7/10/2007
333. One Butt Ugly Bug Looking For Unchartered Love. 7/14/2007
334. Freedom At What Cost? A Mommy Or Daddy's Lifely Lost! 7/30/2007
335. One Lone Starry Love Hoped Night. 8/1/2007
336. A Minneapolis Abridgement To Vehicular Disaster. 8/2/2007
337. Child Abuse Should Never Have Happened. 8/2/2007
338. The Unshattered Pieces Of That Broken Heart As Of Late. 2/4/2007
339. College Of Collaged Mixed Minds. Part One. 2/8/2007
340. College Of Collaged Mixed Minds. Part Two. 2/8/2007
341. Sandied Dunes Of Man's Unanswered Arrival. 2/12/2007
342. A Hallowed Heartless Heart Only Once Was Ever Mine. 11/4/2006
343. In The End, Jesus Will Win Against Men Of Sin. 8/2/2007
344. A Crooked And Dumb Umpire. 8/4/2007
345. Poetical Well Being. 8/24/2007
346. Why This War Is Another Possible Lie To U.S.(Us) ! 8/27/2007
347. Watching Tv Wife Swap In Evening Weekday Nights. 8/27/2007
348. A Politician's, Hanky Panky, With An Airport Restroom's Adventure That Stalled. 8/30/2007
349. Censorship Can Go Straight To Blazin' Hell! 8/31/2007
350. Street Racin' Teenaged Spoiled Brats R Only Drivin' Themselves Closer To Death. 9/6/2007
351. Nine Eleven Is The Day Of Days Gone Foreign To Heart Felt Angels Fallen. 9/11/2007
352. Stiff In Tombed, Silent In Death. 1/3/2008
353. Jonah Bites The Whale's Twisted Lying Tongue. 1/14/2008
354. Never To Never, To Leave And Depart. 1/20/2008
355. God's Love, Will Showcase His Awesome, Holy Might-Light. 1/20/2008
356. Man's Obstinent Acquittals Of Time And Immortal Ends... 1/27/2008
357. The Giants Have Done It Best... 1/29/2008
358. A Walk To Freedom's Ville...Brings To Heart A Breathless Thrill. 1/29/2008
359. Love Felt On A Universal Beach, That Stretches Out To Reach And Reach. 1/29/2008
360. Always To Fester As Like A Festering Scab's On Back. 2/22/2008

Comments about Michael Gale

  • Elna Johnson (2/5/2013 7:52:00 AM)

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    mail is. elnaaltidor2@yahoo.com. i will send you my pic next mail
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  • Jo Kusagi (11/3/2007 1:23:00 PM)

    I like your poems, there arent enough poets in the world that's why we have too many wars.

Best Poem of Michael Gale

Baseball's Fun In The Sun!

With the crack of the bat, baseballs seem to
fly and float over my glove! As i step back
near the wall, this round like orb
approaches furiously from way above!
I take a long jump, and stretch out my
gloved hand, Just a might short of this
warning track, while listening to the
roaring crowd, and it's peanut and hotdog
venders, over to the right of me, in this
noisily stand! I twirl in mid air and make
a spectacular catch, Throwing over hand,
with smooth agility and quickness of speed
to with evenly match! The throw is off to
second base, with a runner ...

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Heavenly Rising

A sun drenched morning, with Butterflies,
fluttering from one empty cave,
Filled with leaves, mounting atop Man's sad,
and lonely grave.
Sunlight's rays spreading of snow white
Surrounding all it's sad forgotten women.
Confused and staring in empty world's
horizon, Heavenly Advance of The Lord's

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