Michael Murphy

Rookie (2-28-1979 / Philadelphia Pennslyvania)

Michael Murphy Poems

1. Mirror Of Your Mother 2/25/2010
2. All 2/25/2010
3. Untitled Ii 2/25/2010
4. Untitled Iii 2/25/2010
5. Untitled Iv 2/25/2010
6. Unique Part I 2/25/2010
7. Unique Ii 2/25/2010
8. I'M I? 2/25/2010
9. Someday 2/25/2010
10. Untitled 1 2/25/2010
11. Untitled Vi 2/25/2010
12. Untitled Vii 2/25/2010
13. On The Outside 2/25/2010
14. Addict In You 2/25/2010
15. Skips A Beat 2/25/2010
16. Garret's Poem 2/25/2010
17. Skin Deep 2/25/2010
18. Not Titled 2/27/2010
19. 20 Questions 2/25/2010
20. Girl In My Guitar 2/25/2010
21. Untitled V 2/25/2010
22. Why Do Women Lie 2/25/2010

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Why Do Women Lie

why do women lie?
why are people in general so f**king deceitful?
why after so many times of being lied to and s**t on do i refuse to see the truth when it is right between my eyes?

i miss my son so much... the more the days go by the more i realize 85% of all the arguments i had with my ex were made up or inflated for alterior motives...
knowing what i know now i can't allow myself to get close to anyone... people are s**t

'what i thought was true before were lies i couldn't see'
its harder to live with the truth about you then to live with the lies ...

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Untitled 1

p****d off
hate you..can't stand you
can't believe i couldn't see or understand you
gave my heart to you and in return you create pain
and after all that we've been through didn't matter none the same...
but there's a boy who i can't see
cause the damage you left me
can't you hear my voice it's screaming, bleeding
and in my heart is barley beating

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