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If you only knew how beautiful you are to me
you'd know I see an Angel every time I look at you.
I get short of breath my heart first skips a beat,
then speeds up fast,

Without a doubt you are the most
beautiful woman I have ever known,
my heart sighs and sings every time
I see and think about you my great

My precious rose has grown and blossomed
into the most magnificent woman I've ever known.
A true Angel full of bright caring love,
my sweet darling whom I hold so high

My hand in yours as we lay in bed.
Your head resting on my chest,
both smiling as we just lightly drift.
Content, peaceful, together,

Be filled with peace my love.
Feel me there holding you
telling you how much I
love and need you.

I'm sending you all of my warmth
and pure love.
With the greatest of colossal huge hugs,
topped off with the deepest most

I hold to hope because I feel your love,
I don't believe we're done yet because
we have a bond that holds us tight.
A true love we can't quite explain,

The hurts of the past will not last.
Your love for me fills the glass.
With great hope for what's yet to be wrote.
Our final chapter is far away.

Kira Petranovich my only one.
You truly are a diamond in the rough.
You've persevered through so much,
and you have a heart so big and made of gold.

Worn out and spent in all ways,
been up forever and barely eaten a thing.
It's time to lay down and attempt
to find and receive some sleep.

I've been thinking of you
the whole night through,
missing you deeply and
wondering how you are doing.

Oh my sweet love I long for you,
to feel your sweet spirit as I hold you,
to look in your eyes as I tell you all,
as I break down my walls one by one.

I believe in you my sweet dear.
You have always been there with loving care,
to lend a hand and give a kind open
sympathetic heart and ear.


Deeply passionately kissing your sexy lips,
slowly exploring as I take my time.
Igniting passion overwhelming,
I've been dying to kiss your lips

Oh my dear sweet Queen,
ruler of my heart and soul.
I give to you not by force
but by clean pure choice.

You're the greatest person in history to me.
I love you so very much and I want to help you see
why I treasure you so very much and know that
you truly are the greatest and most beautiful girl.


Smells like candy tastes so sweet.
I dive right in to this lovely piece.
So soft so good.
Exceptionally right.

Falco you truly rock and move my soul.
As an artist and a man so many things
I can relate and feel through you.
An idol and inspiration who is one

Happy Birthday my sweet lady.
Another year and with each year
you grow more lovely.
You're a splendid woman

Goodnight sweet lady the true love of my life
with a great big hug and kiss I seal this
weekend and long day of aching need and want.
I slide right in bed next to you and pull

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You're So Beautiful

If you only knew how beautiful you are to me
you'd know I see an Angel every time I look at you.
I get short of breath my heart first skips a beat,
then speeds up fast,
feeling as if it will pound right out of my chest.

You're so beautiful I wish I had more than two pictures,
of which I could get comfort and admire.
That perfect smile which enraptures me through and through.
I look at them and say I love you, I miss you so very much.
They provide me comfort in those hardest times,
when I'm so very lonely and need you by my side.

You're so very beautiful to me,
if you only knew how much.
You're divine to me a perfect jewel.
I just want to hold and kiss you all night long.
You're just beautiful through and through.

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D Loveday Morris 18 July 2020

I enjoyed reading Bipolat Type 1. It is so raw and real. Mental illness is one area of health that needs so much more attention. It can be so lonely when you are there.

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Sochukwu Ivye 04 October 2017

A great helping hand, you leave a deep impression. Your company is much enjoyed, dear poet. All the best.

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She hates me now and all I want is death to come. Life without her has no meaning and is no fun.

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