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I owe all my poetry and inspiration to my best friend Kira Petranovich. If not for that wonderful woman I would never have been inspired and moved to write poetry. She truly is the most wonderful and beautiful woman in the universe.

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You're So Beautiful

If you only knew how beautiful you are to me
you'd know I see an Angel every time I look at you.
I get short of breath my heart first skips a beat,
then speeds up fast,

My Hand In Yours

My hand in yours as we lay in bed.
Your head resting on my chest,
both smiling as we just lightly drift.
Content, peaceful, together,

I Hold To Hope

I hold to hope because I feel your love,
I don't believe we're done yet because
we have a bond that holds us tight.
A true love we can't quite explain,

The Most Beautiful Woman

Without a doubt you are the most
beautiful woman I have ever known,
my heart sighs and sings every time
I see and think about you my great

My Precious Rose

My precious rose has grown and blossomed
into the most magnificent woman I've ever known.
A true Angel full of bright caring love,
my sweet darling whom I hold so high

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23 September 2021

She hates me now and all I want is death to come. Life without her has no meaning and is no fun.

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D Loveday Morris 18 July 2020

I enjoyed reading Bipolat Type 1. It is so raw and real. Mental illness is one area of health that needs so much more attention. It can be so lonely when you are there.

9 2 Reply
Sochukwu Ivye 25 June 2020

Noble soul. You remain a great pillar supporting my poetry career here on PH. I wish I could paste it on the sky for everyone to see, but when I can't, I can come openly here to bare my gratitude. Thanks mentor.

13 2 Reply
Sochukwu Ivye 04 October 2017

A great helping hand, you leave a deep impression. Your company is much enjoyed, dear poet. All the best.

23 2 Reply