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41. Seeing You Dying, Hurts 10/2/2012
42. Marry Anniversary 10/4/2012
43. Dreams Of Adventures 10/7/2012
44. Winter's Cold 10/11/2012
45. Goodbyes 10/11/2012
46. Generations 10/14/2012
47. Crashing World 10/16/2012
48. Mauthe Lake 10/21/2012
49. Little One, Little One 9/14/2012
50. Lovable Boober 10/23/2012
51. The Lambeau Effect 10/30/2012
52. Smile For A Better Day 10/31/2012
53. Love, You Don't Know How Much 10/31/2012
54. Grandma 11/3/2012
55. Gloomy Peaceful Day 11/8/2012
56. Old Age, Go Away 11/9/2012
57. Sliders, Addicted I Am 11/11/2012
58. Rain To Beautiful Colors 11/12/2012
59. Love Eternity You 11/16/2012
60. Deadly Awakening 12/1/2012
61. Out My Window 12/5/2012
62. My Love Can'thave 12/13/2012
63. Christmas Without You 12/14/2012
64. My Tears 12/15/2012
65. Reach Inside Of You 12/15/2012
66. Santa 12/22/2012
67. My New Year Resolution 1/2/2013
68. Sing A Song 1/19/2013
69. Mighty Hawk 1/29/2013
70. Restless Dreams 1/30/2013
71. Remembering You 2/2/2013
72. Petals Of Love 2/6/2013
73. Tell Me, Tell You 2/10/2013
74. Would You Be My Valentine 2/13/2013
75. Stories From The River 2/23/2013
76. Lost Soul 2/24/2013
77. Dogs For A Walk 2/27/2013
78. No Perfect Man, Just A Humble Me 3/24/2013
79. Our Rose Garden 3/24/2013
80. Heavenly Angel 3/30/2013

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Brothers And Sisters, We Are

Born brothers and sisters we were
Growing up in the same place
But in so many different ways
Some of us successful, some still struggling
Childhood dreams, playing with our minds
Many fights, lots of talks
May not get along
Still there for each other
We were never the ones to show love
The love is deep inside each other
Brothers and sisters we are
In all our differences we are there
Thru sickness, love loss, even death
We are there, hiding our pride we are
For we are bond by blood and by heart
To each our own, we do care in our hearts
Between the...

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As I pass the many flags out
I wonder what a soldier gave his/her life for it
The tears and joy for every soldier that comes home
But we cannot forget the one who died along the way
Their souls and memories should never be forgotten
They gave their lives for our freedom
Now we give our love for their lives

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