Michael Peterson

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Michael Peterson Poems

121. Romantic Nights 11/6/2012
122. A Summer's Day 7/12/2013
123. Independence Day, Usa 7/4/2013
124. Bringing It To Life 8/31/2013
125. Tears For Taps 5/27/2013
126. Romance In The Park 5/22/2013
127. 8 Year Old Dream 5/7/2013
128. Easter Egg Life 3/31/2013
129. Yesterday 9/23/2013
130. God, Take Me Home 2/22/2014
131. Simply Forgiving 2/5/2013
132. Deep In Your Eyes 1/29/2013
133. To Hear Your Voice 10/21/2012
134. Football Friday 8/31/2012
135. Look In The Mirror, See What I See 9/3/2012
136. Christmas Joy 12/23/2012
137. Dreams Gone Away 3/28/2013
138. Salute Wounded Soldier 9/3/2012
139. Devil's Lake 9/23/2012
140. Special Olympian, Special People 11/3/2012
141. Wonderful World, Wonderful Life 5/19/2013
142. Summertime Fun 6/11/2013
143. My Love For You 6/12/2013
144. Little Princess, Little Star 4/9/2013
145. You Are Not Alone 2/17/2013
146. Look Around 11/3/2012
147. Beautiful Ladies 8/24/2012
148. Dancing In The Rain 9/14/2012
149. First Impressions 3/3/2013
150. Holding Hands 9/8/2012
151. Stress Away 10/31/2012
152. Lies Love Pain 8/31/2012
153. Moments At The Beach 8/24/2012
154. A Stormy Night 9/5/2012
155. Grandpa's Fishing Tales 3/11/2013
156. Our Small Town 11/11/2012
157. Sleeping Beauty 5/19/2013
158. Water Fountain 8/24/2012
159. People We Meet 11/9/2012
160. Admiring Her Beauty & Love 11/7/2012
Best Poem of Michael Peterson

Brothers And Sisters, We Are

Born brothers and sisters we were
Growing up in the same place
But in so many different ways
Some of us successful, some still struggling
Childhood dreams, playing with our minds
Many fights, lots of talks
May not get along
Still there for each other
We were never the ones to show love
The love is deep inside each other
Brothers and sisters we are
In all our differences we are there
Thru sickness, love loss, even death
We are there, hiding our pride we are
For we are bond by blood and by heart
To each our own, we do care in our hearts
Between the...

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From the start of our lives, your love and care is there.
Thru the years your love and joy brings happiness to us.
Raising us to become fine adults and proud parents.
You bring so much joy and love thru our souls,
No one brings so much as you, Mother.
You are there thru hardship, happiness and Sadness.
I can always count on my Mother's Love.
You are my heart and soul and will always be my lady.
I shareous every moment with you from dances to disagreements

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