Michael Philips Poems

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Cat Lover

The white one purred and was soft.
We gave it a name.
Got hit by a car.
We buried it in back.

A Shitty Valentines Day

Just shut up already about herbal remedies, I told her.
This was on Valentines Day, hours before Sally fed
my dog some herbal medication
and he brewed butt coffee

Route 66 For President

Roll down your window and smile.
Hold it.
Now let me get one with the background of vintage automobiles,
tinted postcards, motels, and Route 66 trying to slake my

Pantoum For A Camping Trip

I forgot the bug spray
So mosquitoes keep attacking me
Some guy brought a blender for Happy Hour
And some people even bring their TVs

One Day At The Flea Market

That gray morning I purchased a cheap electric
bass, the man with a friend on the Force
offering color enlargements of a
strangled young woman


As he crosses into
the end zone
and the crowd
ejaculates in rapture,

Oh No! Not Another Love Poem

When people heard
that you sent me poetry
they commented that
you must be a wonderful and sensitive man

Last Will

I’m giving all my Colombo videos to the library,
I don’t know if they want them,
Perhaps curious folks with time
Will check them out and get hooked,

Sun Tzu’s Art Of War (Newly Revised & Updated)

When your rationale for going to war
turns out to be false,

Do Not Resuscitate

Saturated in morphine
breathing like a hurt animal
maybe somewhere deep down
at the bottom of the mineshaft