Michael Saunders

Rookie (April 1,1989 / Binghamton, NY)

Biography of Michael Saunders

My name is Specialist Michael Saunders. Currently I am in the United States Army serving in a Military Police Unit. Throughout life I have always wanted to be a Police Officer but I forgot to meantion. I'm only 20 years old. Right now I am going through a huge divorce, if you couldn't tell from the poem 'The Man on a Mission'.
I really never did well in school except for math. But I never wrote these Poems in english. Funny thing is that math wasn't the only thing I wasw good at durring math class. Thats correct I wrote these poems durring math class. I also wrote these poems durring a hard point in my life, my parents separtating. I was 16 when my parents separtated. Yeah, I know not too long ago really. But in 4 years alot could happen. The poem 'Losing My Guides' actually is me talking from the heart so is 'The Me Hidden Within'. Anyways, the last line in 'Losing My Guides', 'And after 6 months, I've been blessed.' The meaning to that is, when my parents went there separate ways I had to live with my mother in which whom I did not get along with. I chose who I wanted to be with before those 6 months, and I had to wait because my father had to settle into his new place.
But anyways, when I was 17 I signed my contract for the U.S. Army. And after my 18th birthday, I left for Basic Training. I have a couple poems that I have written within the past 3 to 4 years but I haven't really posted them anywheres but myspace.
I'm one of those guy whos gone through many different phases in life. I went through goth to punk to emo to rock star to prep and right now I'm at 'Hot Shot Preppy Army Dude'. But I've been through a lot. A lot of lifes obsticles got in my way between ages 13 and 16 due to my mother. Finally at age 16 I stood up to her. And thats how I got to live with my dad.
My Military career has brought me a long ways of maturing. I have been to Iraq, Germany, Ireland, Kuwait, and more places. Iraq was the longest country othher than the US I have ever stayed in. But anyways if you want to know more about me email me at either of the following email addresses;


or log onto my myspace and email me there;


or if you have AIM you can IM me;


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Words cannot discride the way I feel,
but a single tear dropp can show,
I dare not cry because my ego will peel,

A heartbreaking decision has to be made,
To leave her, or to stay

tears may not run down my face,
but my heart sure is sobbing

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