Michael Schifano III

Rookie (4-14-1993 / Gulfport, MS)

Biography of Michael Schifano III

What to say... My name is Michael Joseph 'Tre'' Schifano. Tre' is what my friends call me. My parents have called me that since I was born. I am the third Michael Joseph Schifano and I am also Sicilian(Italian) . Tre' means three in Italian so that's where the name comes from. I attend college at MGCCC, and I am a talented trumpet player for my age. I am naive but fun to be around. I don't think my poetry is bad, but I don't think its amazing either. And that's it I guess. Bye.

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How Life Is

I'm so tired of deceiving myself.
So tired of pretending.
Everything has a hold on me.
I feel as though my life is descending.
I'm getting sick of always trying to impress.
The people all around me.
My mind is in distress.
They always point their fingers.
But never accept their mistakes.

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