Michael Shepherd

Rookie (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Biography of Michael Shepherd

farmwork; 9-14 teacher; pro-am drama; scholarship to Oxford University to study Anglo-Saxon and English Literature; dropout; backstage Ballets de Paris; industrial journalism; midlife crisis around 25; invoice typist; bookshop assistant; art journalist; book reviewer; small book on Barbara Hepworth,1963; art critic for national newspapers and magazines 20 years; radio and television work; presented to Queen Mother for services to Canadian art; and to Rajeev Gandhi for services to Indian art; Post-graduate Thesis Tutor, Royal Academy of Art 20 years; Selector and Juror Mid-States Art Contest, Indiana; translator and research team for Letters of Marsilio Ficino; obituary writer for The Times; 24/7 carer 7 years; writer/editor of Ficino celebratory volume 1999(see Books page here) now translated into Dutch; political satirist for website, 'Call Me Tony'; proofreader for forthcoming 18-volume Encyclopaedia of Hindu Philosophy; various essays on 50 years of Zimbabwean sculpture; historical context essay for 'Gardens of Philosophy: Ficino on Plato' by Arthur Farndell, Shepheard-Walwyn Publishers,2006, £18.95; Godstow Press in Oxford published 136 sonnets under the title 'Awakening to Myself' in December 2004 (£15 postfree in Britain, contact Godstow Press for overseas postage) . For international payment, see info@godstowpress.co.uk
Michael has been a member of the School of Economic Science/School of Practical Philosophy in London for 50 years, and moderates (2008) the Poetry Forum attached to its website.
He is currently Text Editor for the online 'Hindupedia' encyclopaedia of Hinduism.
His latest book on Waterperry is noted below.

Michael Shepherd's Works:

Barbara Hepworth: Methuen,1963

Friend to Mankind (Marsilio Ficino,1433-1499) : Shepheard-Walwyn,1999

Marsilio Ficino: Een universeel mens: Uitgeverij Ankh-Hermes bv, Deventer,2002 (translation of the major part of the above volume, with additional essays by Jjost Ritman, Annine ven der Meer, and Jacob Slavenburg)

Awakening to Myself (poems, December 2004)

Waterperry House and Grounds: an elusive history. (School of Economic Science,2009)

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0030 Breasts

I’ve only got to say the word…and
I can hear the male murmur murmur right now
mixed with a hurhur hurhur as of naughty boys…
suddenly lips and fingers have their vivid, hungry memories…
while ladies have their own reactions
not unaware of the murmur hurhur and the fact
that some men think they own these, ungifted, as of right…

and some of us, perforce, have memories as intimate,

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