Michael Shepherd

Rookie (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Michael Shepherd Poems

441. 0178 Mother And Son 5/17/2006
442. 0274 Spam 5/17/2006
443. 0296 Casting For A New Production 5/17/2006
444. 0132 A Tribute To Ws Merwin 5/18/2006
445. 0366 Poem As Snake, Poem As Not-Snake 5/20/2006
446. 0120 A Tribute To James P., Poet 5/20/2006
447. 'Proportionality'. A Disgusted Rant. 7/24/2006
448. Rilke To The Young Poet 7/25/2006
449. The Family Room. For Mary. 7/26/2006
450. 0027 Dreaming Truth 7/26/2006
451. 0029 Hezbollah 7/27/2006
452. 0192 Always There Is Wisdom 6/28/2006
453. The Search For Self. From The Indian. 7/20/2006
454. 0041 In The Rifle's Foresight 7/27/2006
455. 0021 Under The Bridge Of Time 7/28/2006
456. 0036 Hanging Garden 7/29/2006
457. Why I Hate Poemhunter's Googly Ads 7/31/2006
458. Are You Sure You'Re Wrong? 7/31/2006
459. 0031 Check-Off 8/1/2006
460. 0046 Cursory Nursery Hairy Tail 9/9/2006
461. ! This Poem.. 9/10/2006
462. 0024 There Is Here; Outside, Inside 9/2/2006
463. 0026 The Other Poetry 9/2/2006
464. 0020 Awakening To Myself 9/3/2006
465. 0004 Lyric 3: Rosefall 9/3/2006
466. 0045 Like, Iconic, Man... 9/4/2006
467. 0060 Melanin 9/5/2006
468. The Last Day 9/5/2006
469. A Born Crook 9/14/2006
470. A Whispered Rant In Disguise 9/14/2006
471. 0026 To Live In Poetry 9/14/2006
472. Ants In The Pants 9/14/2006
473. 0028 Written While Queuing Two Abreast For The Rodin Exhibition 9/16/2006
474. 0015 On The Mental Freedom Of Old Age 9/17/2006
475. 0029 Poet In A Wendy House 9/7/2006
476. 0027 In Honour Of Honour And Whauden 9/7/2006
477. 0039 Well, Chop My Prose! 9/8/2006
478. 0052 The Child In Me - A Postmodern Lyric 9/8/2006
479. 0041 Goods Train In The Night 9/9/2006
480. 0038 Underthings 8/22/2006

Comments about Michael Shepherd

  • Lare Austin (2/4/2005 2:22:00 PM)

    Hi Michael...I just read 'She Of The Happy Sky'....I very much enjoyed this read...very well done...very good story telling...


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  • Michael Shepherd (1/28/2005 6:48:00 AM)

    thanks guys for all the kind words. It's so good to know one's poetry is read, right?

    point of this comment - I feel strongly that we should praise each others' work - when we get the urge - by saying how much we enjoy it. Not how 'good' it is.
    'good', 'excellent' etc read like teachers' reports and can seem slightly, er, patronising, generalised. etc.?

  • Lare Austin (1/22/2005 12:06:00 PM)

    Hi Michael...I just read your poem, 'The Day'. Yes...life does continue to go on, despite our occasional personal flat tires....(I said that right...didn't I?) ...

    Lare Austin

  • Lare Austin (12/29/2004 1:10:00 PM)

    Hi Michael...your piece, 'Just A Moment', says it all about those kind of days. You have a very gifted way with words. I look forward to an upcoming book from you.

    Your Friend in Poetry...

    Lare Joseph Austin

  • Darrell Rohling (12/26/2004 5:23:00 PM)

    Just read your 'Fingertip to Fingertip' poem, very nice. I thoroughly resonated with it's world-wide affirmation of connection...it is indeed a real thing, a miracle of our mdern age. Where would we be today if this form was available to Shakespear? Finally, this poem reminded me of mine entitled Face to Faith, if you recall that from your earlier gracious reading of my stuff...



  • David Keig (10/17/2004 7:51:00 PM)


    my thanks for your encouraging words about my poetry.....i only started writing this year after a 30+ year break since schooldays

    enjoying yr poetry too and good luck with the book of yr work that is to be published


  • Cj Heck Cj Heck (9/23/2004 3:55:00 PM)

    Hello Michael,
    I know I've been 'quiet', as you said in your warm note. I wish I could say it was a creative 'quiet', but it's a disgusted 'quiet'. This website is really beginning to bug me and I'm thinking of finding a new 'home' for my poetry. The pop-ups are incredibly annoying, the fact that you don't really have a place to post proper notes to people is annoying, and this latest problem with losing everything posted since June is the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back... if you would like to talk, my email is cjheck@barkingspiderspoetry.com.
    Take care, my poet friend.
    Warmest regards,

Best Poem of Michael Shepherd

! Metaphor

A pretty girl
is like a simile
and vice-a-versa
so I'd say
for like the sunlight it
delights our so prosaic day

and life is better for
a metaphor
when apposite
to what you write

the first I used
that made some sense
came out of childish

before I read
the word in prose
I thought that what
just goes and goes

was 'dire rear' -
not too bad
as an idea
for a nappy-happy lad?

Read the full of ! Metaphor

0030 Breasts

I’ve only got to say the word…and
I can hear the male murmur murmur right now
mixed with a hurhur hurhur as of naughty boys…
suddenly lips and fingers have their vivid, hungry memories…
while ladies have their own reactions
not unaware of the murmur hurhur and the fact
that some men think they own these, ungifted, as of right…

and some of us, perforce, have memories as intimate,

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